Keep the Customer in Mind When You Design a Blog

| January 19, 2016

Keep the Customer in Mind When You Design a Blog

A surprising number of companies believe that their customers aren’t interested in their blogs. They believe that starting a company blog is just a waste of time and resources as it offers little to no benefit. If you don’t do it properly, a company blog can be useless. If you’ve just copy and pasted content without making sure that it’s relevant, the blog wouldn’t yield the desired results.

If your blog isn’t engaging your customers as it should, perhaps it’s time to redesign it and when you do, it’s important to keep them in mind. Here’s what you can do:

Determine What You Hope to Achieve 

Before you start redesigning in gusto, determine just what you hope to achieve with the blog. There are some small business owners that just don’t know what the goals of the blog should be. They only think of content with the relevant keywords and increased visibility to the search engines. Seasoned marketers will tell you that that’s a wrong approach to take. Goog company blogs are usually based on the following motives:

  • Companies create blogs to share news and information about their products and services. It is a platform where they make announcements so that their customers are aware of what’s happening in the company.
  • For the benefit of the customers, to provide them information that would help them achieve the best results from your products or services.
  • To engage readers and get their opinion on different matters related to the company. Businesses can use blogs as a way to start conversations with their customers and build a more personal relationship with them.
  • Use the content of the blogs to get new readers, who might then turn into customers.

These are some of the most common reasons why small business owners start a blog. You’ll notice in most cases, there’s no mention of search engine visibility. That’s because business owners know that search engine visibility will come eventually.

Content is Important

If you’re focused on just the keywords, you’re not going to give the content its due importance. There are several companies that create content that’s nearly meaningless and only acts as a tool to incorporate keywords to your website. When you do this, your blog loses its value to the customer. It also compromises your reputation to an extent. If your content is lacklustre, it means that you’re not spent time to research and find something that’s helpful.

Instead of posting 10 or 20 articles that have mundane content, post 3 or 4 that have solid, well-researched information. When you do this, you give your customers an impression of authority. They understand that you have the skill, experience, and the knowledge about your industry and will trust your products and servers more based on it.

It’s very important to set the right tone in your blog. There are some writers that have the ability to speak through their written work. When you read their content, you can actually hear their voice coming through. Setting this kind of tone would help engage customers.