Why are your Best Employees Running Away From You?

| March 4, 2016

Why are your Best Employees Running Away From You?

Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. They’re also the hidden expense that most small business owners don’t notice. You spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and money in hiring them, training them, and moulding them into someone that would ideally fit your company.

Naturally, you don’t want to lose them after you’ve spent so much effort helping them fit in just right. Unfortunately, if you have a bad management team or are a lousy boss, they are going to run. Employees today are much more picky about who they work for. Yes, they want financial stability and freedom, but they’re not willing to compromise on their physical or emotional wellbeing either.

If your employees find that they just can’t work under your management team, they’ll quit. That’s not something that a small business owner can easily afford. Below are some of the reasons why your valuable employees might be leaving your company.

1. They’re being Overworked

Different employees will have different skills and abilities. There are some that will easily burn the midnight oil and sacrifice a few weekends to get some work done. However, not all of your employees are capable of this. Some will have obligations like spouses and children. Your employees have a right to enjoy a personal life and have weekends off.

If they don’t get enough of a break and are forced to work at a constant high pace, they’ll eventually get tired of it and leave. It’s important to maintain the right work/life balance. That would keep your employees happy and energized. Happy employees won’t think of leaving their job unless they’re forced to. They will perform better as well.

2. No Growth

Most people want to grow and succeed in life. They want to learn new things, handle new responsibilities, and move forward. If the opportunity to do this isn’t offered to your employees, they’ll start to look elsewhere. No one wants to become stagnant after all.

People can keep working for the same pay and at the same level for only so long before they start becoming restless. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you offer your employees ample opportunity to grow and learn. You can give them leadership positions on different projects. That would help them learn and grow.

3. Workplace Bullying

People often assume that after they graduate from high school, bullying ends. They’re wrong. Adults are more sophisticated and discreet when it comes to bullying but they do it too. They might form groups, isolate individual employees, and sabotage other people’s work. This can be a massive problem. It’s not something that you should ignore.

If you find evidence of any workplace bullying or isolation, you need to tackle it swiftly and discreetly. You also need to work with your HR professionals to ensure that such a problem never happens again.

There are several other reasons why your employees might want to quit the job. Just by observing your workplace and your employee behaviour keenly, you can spot the problem and address it quickly.