3 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Go Online

| June 21, 2016

3 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Go Online

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a well-established and old business house, you cannot think of running your business today without having an online presence.

Your website and social media presence may not have a direct impact on your business prospects, but it is certainly going to help you gradually reach out to a growing number of target audiences that is spending more and more time online.

Even your existing clients are moving online and looking for new suppliers. Eventually, every business is looking to achieve more cost efficiency and the web is here to make things easier and faster. So make sure that you don’t get left behind.

1. Build your Website

There are many website designing services that can design your site on a small budget. If you know a few things about how to use the web, you may yourself design a site using templates. It’s easy and fast. Why should you put up a site for your business? While your physical address gives credibility to your business, a website URL will take it to the next level. In fact, nowadays your customers and clients expect you to have a website. If you don’t have it, you will look odd.

If you have a website, it will give a more professional touch and appeal to your brand. Besides, it will work as an initial source of info for prospects. Keep in mind that most of your potential buyers are now spending more time researching about your business (and your competitors) before they contact you. So having a website in place not only helps you provide all the required information, but also improve the chances of turning the new leads into sales much faster and without much effort.

2. Build your Social Presence

This one goes without saying. If you are not on the social network, you are missing out big in terms of branding and leads. Your brand or business must have presence on at least a few of the major social sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and make sure that you regularly update your status.  The more active you are on your social profiles, the more engagement you will receive from your audience. If possible, you must also run a blog with regular posts.

3. Keep a Tab on your Online Image

If you expect to succeed with your online presence, it is important that you keep an eye on your online image. It doesn’t mean that you spend hours every day scouring through search engines to see how your business may have been reviewed or where your webpages are being referred. An easier and smart way is to set up Google Alerts. The next time anything related to your business or brand name appears on the web, you will be instantly alerted.

There are many customers (and even your competitors) who could be posting about a poor experience or making an effort to taint your brand image. If you don’t know how your customers look at your business or how your competitors are busy destroying your online image, your online presence could take a lot of beating.