Common Types of Eye Disorders

| March 4, 2020

Common Types of Eye Disorders

Have you ever thought that how would it feel, if you were blind? Some might say their life would be like a snuffed candle, or it would be like, a dark cave life for some people. Your eye is the most important part of your body. It plays a vital role in your everyday life. Having this precious gift, our main concern always lays in its health and protection. Human’s eye is a very sensitive part of his body and not taking care of it causes disorders that sometimes be curable and sometimes not.

When we look around us, every second person is affected by these disorders. For this, you must visit the eye specialist or an Optometrist once every three months. Many new inventions in this field have been witnessed for curing common eye disorders, for example, special lenses like Eyezen+ are designed for computer users which protects your eyes while using digital devices.

There are several eye disorders from which most common disorders are discussed below.

Refractive Disorder:

Refractive Disorder is the most common type of eye disorder, found in every second person around us. This type of disorder generally occurs when the light focuses directly on the retina, causing vision to be blurred. This includes:


Myopia means nearsightedness. In this disorder, a person cannot be able to see things close to him or near.


Hyperopia means farsightedness. This disorder blurs the far vision of a person because of which he is not able to see farthings.


Astigmatism is a disorder in which eye does not focus light equally on the retina.


Presbyopia is most commonly found in elderly people in which their eye loses the ability to change its shape to focus clearly to see things.

These refractive disorders can be corrected by using glasses, contact lenses or LASIK that is a laser eye surgery that changes cornea shape due to which light does not focus directly on the retina.


Conjunctivitis is a type of inflammation of a thin membrane under the eyelids. This is most common in children in which eye color turns into pink along with continuous flowing of tears from the eye and seems like eyes are burning and pain-causing in light. This happens because of allergy or chemicals that contact with eyes. This might be highly contagious sometimes and sometimes not.

Macular Degeneration:

The macular degeneration is caused when the central part of the retina, that is, macula found be damaged. This causes the central vision blur and unclear. Macular Degeneration is of two types, wet and dry. The reason behind the wet macula damage is the irregular growth of blood vessel behind the retina that ultimately lead to severe bleeding and cause macular dystrophy. While the dry macular damage is caused due to gradual diminishing of the macula. This also leads to vision loss. The Macular Degeneration, also known as Age-related Macular Dystrophy (AMD), usually associated with aging. This macular degeneration may get worse over time and leads to permanent vision loss, in those people who aged above 60.


A Cataract is also one of the most common eye disorder caused due to clouding of the eye’s lens. This also blurs the vision and not operating it for a long time can cause permanent blindness or vision loss. Surgery for cataract removal is easily available worldwide and can be cured at the initial stage. This is mostly found in children or people over the age of 40.


Strabismus is the disorder in which the position of both eyes is not balanced. This is because of the absence of coordination between both eyes; therefore, both eyes look in different directions and cannot able to focus at a single point. It can cause eyes to turn outward direction or cross in direction. When this type of situation occurs, one eye ignores to focus and ultimately leads to permanent vision loss in that eye.


Glaucoma is another type of blindness causing disorder. This disease is caused as a result of the rise of aqueous humor in the eye, which damages the optical nerve. It is further categorized into two parts, open-angle glaucoma and close-angle glaucoma. Open-Angle glaucoma occurs very slowing with age in which aqueous humor drainage system shrinks. As a result, the person notices vision loss when this disease become prominent. While the closed-angle is congenital as a destructed drainage system. Glaucoma can be treated in its early stages. It can also cause in tumors.


Amblyopia also knew as lazy eye, and the disorder causes vision loss in one eye when the coordination between eye and brain losses. Amblyopia is most commonly found in children and can be treated in childhood. Lack of awareness can cause permanent one eye vision loss because the brain only focuses its coordination with one eye.

Color Blindness:

Color Blindness is one of the major and most commonly founding disorder in adults. It is a disorder causing blindness in distinguishing colors, usually red and green. It usually happens when the cone cell, whose main function is showing the color vision locating in the retina, is not working properly or absent. This can be from birth, or it may happen afterwards due to the consumption of certain drugs or can be an adverse effect on any disease. There is no treatment for this, but special glasses and lenses are designed as a temporary solution.

So, these are some common disorder you can face, if not concerning your eyes health and sanitation. Before washing your eyes, make sure the water you use is purified and filtered properly. If you are wearing glasses or having any eye disorder must consult an optometrist and check your eyes regularly. If using contact lenses, make sure that take good care and change the liquid regularly. Avoid the use of digital devices in dark or at night, as it requires more focus, and more focus gradually results in pressure on your eyes and can cause these kinds of disorders. If using these devices are important, then wear special glasses, specially designed for digital devices.


At last, this article concludes that if you are suffering from any of such symptoms or migraine while focusing for a long time, this is a sign that you may consult with an eye specialist for proper treatment. The regular visit to the doctor will minimize the chances of these diseases to be uncured. Do not take your eyes or these migraines for granted they might convert into serious problems. As it is said earlier that without sight, your life can be miserable, do not misuse your blessing rather take good care of it.