Why you cannot Ignore Marketing Automation Systems Any longer?

| October 18, 2015

Why you cannot Ignore Marketing Automation Systems Any longer?

Marketing automation tools can both help you run your marketing campaigns and keep track over them. If you are not using such a program, you are missing out big. All statistical evidences support the benefits of using these tools in a business environment.

According to studies conducted by Marketing Automation Times, using these software programs has helped companies improve their lead conversion rate by over 107%, average deal size by 40%, and forecast accuracy by over 17%.

What makes the marketing automation environment so powerful is that most of the users (over 90% according to Marketo) are first time users. But at the same time this huge gap in adoption has led to the emergence of so many vendors. This makes it essential for you to ensure that you choose programs that ideally suit your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Solutions

The right marketing automation tools must help track and monitor your marketing campaigns’ progress. They must effectively display data in a graphic and statistical form. They should also make it easy to analyze the data with ease while helping create customer database agreeable to realistic conditions.

Using these automation tools can benefit your business in many ways.

They Help Improve Productivity – Marketing automation simplifies your routine marketing and operational tasks, something which has a direct impact on your productivity. One of the important aspects is the elimination of all repetitive manual processes. Thus, your marketing and sales teams will be able to focus more on tasks that need manual input and monitoring.

Effective marketing campaigns require a wide range of assets including forms and CTAs. Automated workflows help connect all these things together.  Besides, manually doing repetitive tasks can increase errors. But these automation solutions help systemize all the processes, which means seamless and error free marketing workflow. Advanced programs can have sophisticated features and functions including planning, budgeting, approval, collaboration and more processes.

Improved Targeting – Your marketing teams are always analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs). But there is difference between the KPI for a likely buyer and a reluctant prospect. This makes it essential to score leads and evaluate prospects. The advantage of using marketing automation systems is that they help in assigning scores and grade prospects based on several factors.

One way of assigning scores is based on the webpage that a visitor has reached. For example, visitors from search engines who bounce on the homepage are rated lower than those who reached on the shopping cart and then bounced away.

Maintaining and Building Relationship – These tools can do what your best sales and marketing employees cannot do manually. They can help maintain and build strong relationships with your prospects and customers. They can deliver the right content at the right time. Most marketers are found struggling to maintain a consistent touch and connection with their audience. In fact, marketing automation works as a platform for maintaining crucial touch points so that your content is delivered at the right time in the buying process.

There are many more advantages of using an automation solution for your business. It can have a direct impact on your business’ bottom-line and on the overall moral and productivity of your sales and marketing teams.