Six Tips to Tone up Your Relationship After Work Hours

| March 23, 2013

Six Tips to Tone up Your Relationship After Work Hours

Let’s face it – life is busy, particularly when you are a small business owner and are supposed to be on top of every single aspect of your venture. Time is at a premium and there are constant pressures and demands on all of us. You have to submit that report today, the body needs a workout, your accounts need filing, the printer is still not working (when do they ever work?), your workers have decided to all get sick at the same time, and the clients are ever more demanding. To top it off, you are desperately tired and just want to go to bed! The last thing on your mind is tending to your relationship.

Stop right here for a moment.

Healthy relationships are vital for happiness, fulfillment and health. They have been shown to influence longevity. Mandy Napier has six tips to tone up your personal relationship and to prevent it from becoming stale and dull.

Surprise your partner with an outing or a night out

It doesn’t have to cost much. All you have to do is plan something, schedule it in your diary, and like a business commitment, stick to it. Make it a priority. Imagine you are still dating. What would you do differently if this was a new relationship? What would you do to nurture the romance?

Never take your partner for granted

It’s a guaranteed way for your relationship to become slack and mediocre. Have a close look at your life and be honest; what else do you take for granted? How we do one thing is how we do everything, and if you are running this pattern somewhere in your life, chances are it will show up in your relationship at some level. Commit to never taking your partner for granted. It will lay strong foundations for a healthy long lasting relationship.

Listen to your partner openly and honestly

Be present when they speak and keep quiet. Know that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. There is a reason the words “silent” and “listen” contain the same letters!

Let go of your need to be right

Do you prefer being loved over being right? When you catch yourself arguing or being stubborn, imagine you are looking down at yourself from above. Try smiling or letting go of your need to be right. Changing perspectives can change the way you react and respond to events, which can diffuse many a tense situation.

Do a random act of kindness for your partner

Life is busy, so why not pick their clothes up for them, get the ingredients for dinner or call the plumber to get the dripping tap fixed? Okay, so you are already doing all this? Find something else that you know your partner would appreciate. Take them a cup of tea in bed, buy them a book that they have been wanting to read, or polish their shoes!

Find an activity that you can do together

Whether it be playing a sport, game, watching a movie, learning to dance, or enjoying a walk on the beach. It will help keep you connected.

There you have it. Six quick tips that will guarantee to tone up your relationship, create more balance in your life and maybe add in an extra sprinkling of romance! Now that has to better than just another hard day at the office!