How can Towing Companies Help You?

| October 2, 2015

How can Towing Companies Help You?

No matter how well maintained your car is, there’s always a chance that it might breakdown at one point of the other in the middle of the road. In some cases, you can figure out what the problem is and fix it and go on your merry way. Unfortunately, that’s not what happens most of the time.

You’re mostly likely forced to call in a towing service to haul your car to the garage and have it looked at. But are there any roadside services that these companies offer? Or will they just take your car to the garage?

What’s a Towing Service?

Most people don’t know it but towing companies are very different from roadside assistance companies. In fact, it might be apt to say that most towing companies don’t provide any roadside services and won’t repair your car on-site. The towing companies you’re familiar with are actually garages that have a couple of tow trucks. These companies are willing to provide you some assistance on-site. If they can repair your car where it broke down, they will.

Towing companies, however, won’t offer these services. They will lug your vehicle back to the garage or your home if required, but they might not repair your vehicle. Towing companies specialize in hauling trucks, vehicles, machinery and equipment, etc. They offer a highly specialized service.

Most towing companies haul vehicles for businesses. For example, a trailer manufacturer might hire a towing company to haul their trailers to a destination. They can also transport things like heavy machinery, earth moving equipment, and some construction based technology.

Roadside Services

When people think of towing companies, they mostly think of roadside services that tows. Such companies might offer comprehensive roadside assistance. In most cases, roadside assistance companies would require a yearly subscription in exchange of their services.

You pay the yearly fee and they’ll come to your assistance whenever you’re stuck on the road. Most companies provide the following services on the break down site.

  • Emergency services. You can contact then at any time of the day or on any day and they’ll come to your aid. Most good roadside assistance companies work 24/7.
  • Towing is offered over limited distances. Remember, these aren’t really towing companies. They offer towing as an added service and would help you bring your vehicle into their garage.
  • Most roadside services would offer free emergency fuel to their subscribed customers.
  • They can quickly change a flat tire on-site.
  • They can also replace the battery or recharge it if needed.
  • Money for accommodation or transport if you’re far away from your home.
  • Money for legal aid if you find yourself in a bind.

Most roadside assistance companies will outsource things like towing, legal services, accommodation, etc. However, if you pick a good roadside service company, you’ll get great service in all aspects, including the outsourced tasks.

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