Why clarity and precision in content is important

| November 3, 2015

Why clarity and precision in content is important

As an entrepreneur, you know that marketing is one of the most vital aspects of business. In this era of intense competition, you need to do something to get an edge.

One of the best ways to do that is content marketing. The scope of spreading the word through content is phenomenal.

With it, you’re targeting a specific audience that is interested in your industry or deal with it on a regular basis.

For example, if you’re a wine merchant and you create content on wines, you’re targeting the specific audience that’s interesting in wines and might want to drink them. Very few other modes of marketing are as precise this.

However, you need to utilize this method carefully for it to be effective. There are ways to ensure that your content isn’t too confusing for your audience.

Keep Content Readable

You need to ensure that your content is readable to all of your desired target audience. Following along the previous example; as a wine merchant, your target audience usually consists of people above the legal drinking age. Depending on where you are in Canada, which can be 18 or 19. The content you create should be suitable for people above that age. This is, of course, a broad example but it gives you a general idea.

People don’t really want to expend too much effort in reading your content. They want precise information that can be comprehended quickly so they can move on. If you write an article that’s too complex and technical, most of your readers are going to turn away.

On the other hand, if you write an article that’s too simple, they might just glimpse at it and think it’s not for them.

How to Ensure Readability

There’s significant research done of readability of written content. There are several factors that can influence readability. According to experts, it usually comes down to four factors; syntactic complexity, length of sentences and paragraphs, punctuation, use of colour and image.

It might sound complicated but all writers follow these basic rules somewhat instinctively. The bottom line is; you need to write like you speak. Your voice should be apparent within the content. Some writers tend to read their content out loud and some just read along as they write.

As an entrepreneur, you aren’t really a professional writer, unless you’re in the business of writing. The best way to write content that’s comprehensible and easy to read is to lend your voice to the words you write.

Content writing isn’t like writing papers or reports, the language needs to be more causal and free-flowing. There’s no need for sophisticated vocabulary or complex sentences. You just need to get your thoughts across to your audience in the simplest, most concise form possible.

Let Pictures Talk

Images make everything a little more clear and comprehensible. That’s why many people prefer watching a movie based on a book rather than reading the book itself. While it might take several days for you to read a book, you can be done with the story in 90 minutes if you watch it on the screen. A visual medium is just more comprehensible and gets the point across easily.