4 Reasons why you should abandon your new business idea

| November 4, 2015

4 Reasons why you should abandon your new business idea

Some business ideas can be great success stories; others are doomed to fail.

If you have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to start your own venture, a solid business idea is essential. But getting the right one isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need something that’s within your skill set and ability.  But before you take the leap, consider the following points carefully.

1 Its not your niche

There are many entrepreneurs who start a business that they’re completely new to. If you’re someone whose technological knowledge is limited to thumbing through social media apps and sending emails, you have no business starting a software development, or a web design company. You shouldn’t take up a business just because the idea is lucrative. You might think that you can hire someone else to cover our lack of skills in the area, but that won’t work in the long run. You need to be able to contribute substantially to your business for it to be successful.

2 Crowded Market

If everyone is doing what you do, how will you stand out? In an overcrowded marketplace, you won’t be able to gain much traction. If there are many competitors out there, you can be sure that there’s someone who’ll do a better job, who’s established themselves before the industry become popular.

There are two ways to handle a crowded marketplace. You can come up with a unique solution, something that makes you stand out amongst the crowd; or you can abandon the idea and start from scratch. If the market it too crowded and you can’t come up with a way to stand out, you’re better off not pursuing that avenue. If you persist, it can lead to financial loss and waste of effort.

3 You’ve lost Interest

Sometimes entrepreneurs lose their passion for their product or service partway in the development process. That’s a pretty good indicator that the idea won’t hold your interest long enough to develop into something more concrete. The key to a sustainable business is to always find avenues to improve or upgrade your product.

If you lose interest in the beginning, you might not be able to find much success. It’s vital to differentiate between lack of motivation and temporary disappointment, from lack of passion. All entrepreneurs face disappointment sometimes, but you can pick yourself up and forge ahead if you still believe in your product.

4 No Market or Vacuum

All business ideas address a need in the market. If you’re starting a marketing firm, you address the demand of several companies you want to sell their product and attract more customers. Sometimes, you have an idea that the market isn’t ready for yet.

For example, there were several video hosting platforms before YouTube but none found success. YouTube entered the market when high speed internet had become more common. The market was ready for it and that led to success.

Sometimes, it’s important to back off gracefully when you’re confronted with an obstacle. If you’re passionate about being an entrepreneur, you’re sure to find a new, more viable idea soon enough.