Is Your Marketing Hurting Your Brand?

| November 16, 2015

Is Your Marketing Hurting Your Brand?

Most small business owners and marketers pay a lot of attention towards marketing. They meticulously plan out the various strategies and carefully implement them. However, sometimes plans can be flawed or misapplied, leading to a loss in the number of clients and a loss in reputation of the business. That’s why, it’s vital to periodically check the effect of marketing on the overall performance of your brand. You can get the detailed analysis of your website or business’s performance by hiring a professional.

This data would give you a clear idea about how your different marketing strategies might benefit or harm your business. There are some marketing practices that are clearly wrong and should be remedied immediately. Some of them are listed below:

Not Being Consistent

When you look at successful ad campaigns, you might notice how all of them are connected in some way or the other to the company and the brand image. For example, if you look at the Coca Cola ads, you might notice a more obvious presence of reds. You might notice that the ads are targeted towards younger people, and the theme has a social message. Along with all these facts, you might also notice that the Coca Cola bottle has a prominent place in the ad.

You’ll notice that the message underneath is the same in all these ads. The design of these ads is consistent. This consistence is very important. If your marketing campaign isn’t consistent, the message delivered to the audience isn’t coherent and that can harm your business. You need to make sure that the message of your brand is conveyed through the products. If the brand message is properly conveyed, you’re heading in the right direction.

Quality vs. Quantity

Several years ago, when SEO was first introduced, some people decided that they would stuff keywords in content to gain higher visibility in search engines. For a while, this worked and the results led to an increase in the traffic on the websites. However, after a while, Google started to realize that something was fishy and immediately shut the practice down.

There’s a lesson to be heard here. In marketing, quantity would never win over quality. If you publish ten bad articles in a week, you’re reputation will only sink. However, if you publish great, well- researched content once in a while, your reputation would increase and you’ll get more clients. One of the worst marketing mistakes you can make is to place bad or unplanned content in large quantities on your website.

Promotion of Products and Relationship building

While promoting the product is important, building a strong relationship with the customers is more so. You need to promote your products only to spread awareness and inform customers about it. However, you need to build relationships with customers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter because you want to retain them in the long term. Most people don’t realize that long-term customers are the only thing that would keep you out of trouble if the business finances take a downturn. Old clients provide that essential security needed and keep the revenue coming in.