How can You Make Your Voice Stand Out In this Noisy World?

| January 19, 2016

How can You Make Your Voice Stand Out In this Noisy World?

Consider this: You’re trying to sell a product in an extremely noisy and busy fish market, with hundreds of other people selling the same product, to people who’re distracted every time something new and shiny catches their attention. You’re forced to trail behind these customers, constantly bringing their attention back to you, all the time screaming about your product in the loudest voice possible.

The scenario sounds like it’s something out of a small business owner’s nightmare just that’s exactly what you’re doing, you just don’t realize it. You’re trying to grab the attention of an easily distracted audience in a very noisy world. How do you stand out?

Creativity is Your Friend

Don’t shy away from new, and somewhat insane sound ideas. This world is full of people who made it big with insane sounding ideas. If you can come up with a marketing strategy that is unusual and unique, you should give it a try. Don’t stop yourself from actually attempting it because no one else has attempted it. In fact, if no one else has done it, you should. We live in a world where creativity and individuality is prized, capitalize on that.

Having Your Own Fan Following Helps 

Never underestimate the power of having your own fan following, whether it’s for your company’s brand or for yourself. If you have loyal fans, they’ll stick to your through thick and thin. They can keep your company afloat when you’re facing troubles. It’s worth the effort to dedicate time and attention to online engagement and networking. As a small business owner, you probably understand the value of networking, but the more you engage the customers online, the better.

Be Omnipresent

Speaking of customer engagement, marketers will often recommend that you focus your attention on social networks and people where your target audience are. Certainly, you need to be present there, but just a little more effort will allow you to be everywhere. By everywhere, we mean everything from blogs, social networks to guest posting in popular online platforms.

The more attention you pay to your online presence, the more brand recognition you’ll get. Obviously, this would ensure that your rankings on the SERPs remain high as well. All you need to so is invest a little time and effort.

Consistency Will Get Your Brownie Points

You might not realize it but humans are creatures of habit and if you gently force a habit on them, they’ll start to notice you more. For example, if you pick a day of the week and a fixed time to send very interesting newsletters to your customers regularly, they’ll start to expect it. This consistency will help keep your audience engaged and showcase your professionalism. The people who receive the results of your efforts will soon start to expect you to follow that schedule.

These suggestions would help you keep your head above the water in this increasingly noisy world.