How Small Business Owners Can Beat Stress

| January 21, 2016

How Small Business Owners Can Beat Stress

Running a business is never easy. More often than not, entrepreneurs succumb to stress and find themselves faltering. When you’re stressed out, you can’t really run your company efficiently. It’s an endless circle that can lead to your business failing and your personal life affected. Most small business owners ignore stress and allow it to pile up, which is never a good idea. You need to actively work to keep stress away. Here are some suggestions on how to handle the problem.

Brace for Change

One of the biggest contributions to stress is change and unexpected problems. The market is fluid and customers change their minds about products and trends all the time. You need to know how to handle and accept changes. One of the best ways to do that is to anticipate it. You can make a small list of all potential problems that can arise, take note of all the changes that are happening, and learn how to accept them.

You can’t really predict the future but you can be better prepared for it. This is all about control and the ability to respond. If you learn to accept changes, you’ll also learn to deal with them with a level head. That would considerably reduce your stress.

Stop Being Self-Critical

While it’s important to accept and understand that you can be wrong, that you do have limitations, being overly self-critical will only hamper your progress. Small business owners, like most leaders, always tend to feel responsible everything. If you lose an important client, you feel responsible. If a project fails, you think it’s your fault. If you do that, you’ll only add to your stress.

Stop criticising yourself and focus on the positives. Remove negative words from your thoughts. Don’t use words like never, impossible, my fault, worst, etc. If these words frequently cloud your thoughts, you need to find a way to counteract them. One way to do it is to write them down. Sometimes, the words sound right and just in your head but look downright ridiculous on paper. Writing negative thoughts down is an excellent way to check self-criticism.

Focus on the Positive

Instead of focusing on all the things that are going wrong, focus on everything that’s working out perfectly well for you. For example, you make a mistake and failed a project because of it, instead of focusing on the mistake, focus on what you learned from it. That would also be the right way to deal with your employees. When you focus on correcting the mistakes instead of playing the blame game, you create an overall positive environment in your office. That is absolutely important for reducing stress and promoting productivity.

Take a Break

Yes, small business owners live very busy lives. But it’s not healthy to maintain that level of activity for a very long period of time. So, don’t keep skipping weekends and breaks. That’s never a good idea. You might think that weekend breaks will slow you down, but in reality, they’ll only improve your productivity. You’ll able to do more in less time.