The Signs that Say You’re a Success

| January 29, 2016

The Signs that Say You’re a Success

There are several things about running a business that can be an absolute nightmare. Things like marketing, recruitment, clients, taxes, etc, can make your head ache. Most businesses owners get so lost in the practicalities of running their venture that they forget to take pleasure in the small signs of success. These signs aren’t immediately apparent.

They’re not something to write home about, but they are something that show you’re on the right track. The path towards success isn’t always fast or glorious. Some businesses shoot forward at lightning speed, others take their time. Here are some signs that show you that your business is going somewhere.

1. The First Profit

When you start out, real profit is usually nowhere in sight. You might see some profit here and there, but most of your earnings need to be invested back in your business. During this time, you’re just trying to keep your head above the water. That’s a struggle most businesses face these days. The first time you see consistent profit, you know your business is on the right track. If, even after paying all the bills and salaries, you have something to bank, you know you’re going somewhere. That’s one of the most satisfying moments in a business owner’s life.

2. The Customer

When businesses first start out, people’s friends and relatives are usually the first customers. For the first few months, you’ll find that all of your customers are connected to your in one way of the other. However, that first customer who comes to you all on their own, without a friend or relative recommending your services to them is someone special. They’re the result of your marketing campaigns. They’re the first customer that you’ve earned. They’re also an indication that you’re doing something right.

3. People Recognize Your Business  

The first person outside your circle of friends and family who recognizes your business without prompting showcases your success at marketing. Most business owners don’t recognize this. For example, if you’re at a party and suddenly a person you’ve just been introduced to recognizes your product or your brand name, you know you’re going places. You should savour this moment because it shows that you’re doing something right.

4. The First Positive Review 

Reviews are a great way to attract more customers to your business. They showcase that you’re providing satisfactory service to your customers and help improve your reputation. The better your reputation is, the more customers you get. The first positive review is a step in that direction. It shows that you’re dealing with your customers the right way. This can be a great starting point. In fact, you can even contact the reviewer and ask them what they liked about your product or company and what they would like to see improved. That would help your business grow better.

These are small signs of success, but they’re things you should pay attention to. With every success, you should evaluate the reasons behind it. That would help you improve.