What Should Your Google AdWords Strategy Be?

| February 25, 2016

What Should Your Google AdWords Strategy Be?

PPC ads are a great way to set your company name or product at the top of the SERP. They occupy a very valuable real estate as ads take up almost all of the space above the fold on the first page of the SERP. This is the area that no amount of SEO and other marketing tactics can penetrate.

No modern marketing tactic can be complete without PPC ads and AdWords. Unfortunately, people just don’t take full advantage of AdWords. An efficient AdWords campaign would bring in considerable traffic to your website. Here’s what you need to do.

Goals are Important

Before you start planning your AdWords campaign and creating ads, you need to start thinking about your goals. If you know what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to plan accordingly. For example, do you want to increase visitor traffic by a specific percentage? Are you looking for e-mail newsletter sign-ups? Goals will be your destination and you’ll need to find the right road with AdWords that would lead to those goals.

Researching Keywords

People that try to set up an AdWords campaign blindly, without any sort of research are sure to face failure. If you don’t have the right information, it would take a stroke of luck to find success with the campaign. Keywords are the heart and soul of the PPC ads. Each ad would target a specific keyword. That’s why it’s very important to have the right keywords.

You need to research which keywords would bring in converting traffic. It’s a good idea to be as specific as you can be. The more specific and detailed your keywords are, the less competition you face. Specific keywords would also bring in more converting traffic than other keywords. You can use keyword tools to find the right keywords for your product and target audience.

Studying your Competition 

As they say, you should know thy enemy. You can learn a lot by studying competition and taking their PPC ads into consideration. You can check the top companies that bid on effective keywords. You can check which of these companies feature at the top of the rankings and study their ad copy. You can even visit their website and purchase their products to see the entire customer journey. That would allow you to optimize your own campaign accordingly.

Studying your competitors would provide great insights in your industry and customer behaviour. You might even be able to spot mistakes or hurdles and make sure that you’re not making them as well.

Understand the Audience

This goes without saying. After all, you need to understand your target audience to ensure that you’re selling to the right people. You’ll also need to understand your target audience if you want to create ads that would bring in conversions.

Landing Pages

When prospective customers click on a website link on an ad, they’re led to a landing page. The design of this page should be appealing and all of the information they need should be present on it. Without a great landing page, your PPC ad wouldn’t deliver the best results.