Are you Feng Shui-wise?

| October 21, 2015

Are you Feng Shui-wise?

What difference could a plant in your office or a desk facing east or west make to your business bottom-line? Apparently, a fairly considerable difference. And given the way things are these days, a bit of help from mother nature is very much welcome.

So, let’s run through the basics of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui to help you get a little more wealth flowing through your work premises.

Your office location

If you work from home, you need to make sure that the line between your working space and your bedroom is very clearly marked. Ideally, there should be a separate entry to your office but if the layout of your home does not make this possible be sure to create as much a division as possible between your office area and your bedroom.

Make your office entry inviting with aesthetically pleasant items (such as fresh flowers) to attract positive energy and avoid hanging large mirrors in this area as it is believed that any ch’i entering the office will be reflected back outside of your office environment.

Air and light 

Two essential elements in our bodies without which you will not be able to function at your best. So, surround yourself with at least a couple of air-purifying plants and consider investing in full-spectrum lights to brighten up your office.

The four corners

Each area of your office needs to be treated with specific care, so pay attention to the requirements of each of these zones to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Commanded by the elements of water and metal, the North looks after your career or path in life. A simple way to ensure you enjoy the correct amount of Water and metal in your office is to place inspiring images related to your career in black or white frame colors in the North area of your home office.
  • The South is all about fame and reputation. Fire is the overwhelming energy in this corner and logically, it clashes with the water from the North. So, avoid having too much blue here, big mirrors, fountains or images of water in this area.
  • Wood is the dominant element in the Southeast area and it guards your prosperity and abundance. To make the most of the energy in this corner, place images or items you associate with money and abundance. Avoid fire and metal images. Place the fax machine, telephone or computers in this area to encourage more business.

Your desk

In order for your business to attract stronger and more positive energies, Feng Shui principles recommend you position your desk in what is known as a Commanding position – the area that can be viewed from that corner of the room which is diagonally farthest from the main entry. And remember:
  • Avoid having your back to the door or placing your desk further from the door and not in line with it.
  • Facing a wall while working from your desk is discouraged as your personal energy will be restricted and blocked; but if unavoidable, try making “ the wall disappear” by transforming it into something that inspires you rather than something that challenges your energy.
  • Don’t face your desk towards stairs, storage rooms, elevators, escalators, or toilets, which are thought to be distracting.
  • Position your computer on the west side of your desk to enhance creativity or on the southeast to generate income.
  • A plant (bamboo and money trees are particularly recommended) in a red pot on the east side of your desk is said to encourage good health and energize your workspace. Place it in the Southeast and it will promote wealth.
  • Place red objects (such as candles) on the south corner of your desk to attract recognition for your efforts.


Clutter is a major drain in your energy and it tends to reduce inspiration and motivation.

  • Make sure you don’t have anything, including books, shoes, a wastebasket or computer tower blocking your leg room.
  • You should have plenty of space for your feet as anything that inhibits your leg room could make you feel stuck in your job.
  • Remove as much clutter as you can as often as you can and force yourself to mark clutter clearing sessions in your calendar and enjoy the clarity of thought that you will experience after them.
  • Ditch anything old (calendars, Post-its) or items that harbor bad memories (such as a report your manager panned).
  • Hide cables and cords. Their presence represents and creates a sense of chaos.
  • Don’t allow broken or faulty equipment to be visible. A dripping tap, for example, signals a slow drain on resources.

In order to promote harmony and positive energy strategically place symbols of good fortune like dragons, unicorns and turtles around your office and to discourage backstabbing a peacekeeping symbol (such as rooster) in the central part of the office will do the trick.