How to Make Your Employees Give You More

| September 23, 2015

How to Make Your Employees Give You More

Do you know if your employees are giving their best or just enough to go by? Here are 3 ways to encourage your employees give you more.

1. Give Feedback as and when it Happens

This is a very good idea if you are someone who only gives feedback once a year. As the owner of a small business, it is important that you let your employees know what kind of work they are doing and whether it is satisfactory.

Waiting for the employee review to happen to give your feedback is not a good idea. When you give an employee a thank-you for some great work she has done, it can be the most motivating thing for her. It will enable her to do more to please you. Letting your employees know that they matter and that you appreciate them is a meaningful thing to do and it will push them to do more for you.

On the other hand, if you need to give negative feedback to an employee, make sure you do it without waiting too long. A pointer to remember would be never to give negative feedback or criticism at a time when you are angry, disappointed or emotionally drained. Do it at a time when you have it together to make sure that it does not adversely affect the relationship.

2. Let your Staff know that you have High Expectations from them

This is another great tip to get the most out of your people. Making them know from Day 1 that you have high expectations from them is a good idea.

Let them know right from the start that you expect them to do their very best for your business. For instance, when a new person joins your team and hands over her first job, ask her whether it is the best she can do. If she says no, give her the chance to do her best. This is a great way of letting everyone know that you want the best and expect everyone to give their best when they are working for you.

3. Share the Achievements of your Business and Staff every year

In a small business, things can get forgotten in a hurry. So make it a point to have a record of all the achievements of your business and your employees all through the year. Share them with your whole staff at your Christmas party.
This way, your team will know that their achievements have been remembered. They will also be encouraged to work harder next year.

Getting the most out of your employees is a lot about attitude. As a small business, it is your duty as the owner to make sure that each member of your staff gives their best at all times.