How To Expand Your Social Media Reach

| November 16, 2015

How To Expand Your Social Media Reach

The social media platform is one of the most fruitful and engaging avenues to engage customers in. Unlike other platforms like emails, customer engagement is much more direct and interactive. They can ask you questions, be up-to-date with the latest news from your company, and voice their complaints in a way that directly reaches you. Naturally, customers love the social networking platform and so should you.

There are several ways you can take advantage of the social networks but first, you need to establish a presence there. Most people find it very difficult to expand their social media reach. Here are a few ways you can expand your influence.

Study Your Content

Look at the content you’ve already written and carefully take note of what draws most attention from your customers. This would give you a better idea about the customer interests. If you know what your customers are most interested in, you can publish more content along the same lines.

Look at the Platforms

Like the content, you also need to look at the several social media platforms you have profiles in. Which platform gets more attention? Where do you receive less engagement and where are your customers flocking together in droves? The answer to these questions would allow you to prioritize the social networks that really matter.

For example, if you receive more engagement on Twitter than you do on Facebook, you know you need to give your Twitter customers due consideration. One of the best ways to drive engagement is to offer small rewards to people who follow you on social networking websites. This allows you to understand customer tendencies and their likes and dislikes.

Arrange for Live Chat

You can organize a live chat in different social media platforms. By organizing the chat, you’re not just conversing with the audience directly, but you’re also gaining the most current knowledge. You can address current problems, asking customers for suggestions and improvements, etc. When you do this, you customers feel like their opinion is valued by the company. Opening such chats would make your clients curious and they would participate as much as they can.

If you have fixed chat times, your customer would know when they can personally speak with you on any problems they might be facing. This direct interaction via the social network platform can significantly boost your reach.

Encourage Discussions

Whether as a part of the live chat or independently, opening a discussion is one of the best ways to get customer engagement. You’re essentially asking them questions that have room for expansion and sitting back as the situation grows. You’ll notice that an increasing number of clients are participating in the discussion. You can ask open ended questions that invite discussion like red or blue, which colour would you buy and why?

By asking such questions, you’re gaining their opinion as well as several ideas for marketing. Your customers will candidly discus the topics, allowing you to gain information about the customers’ likes and dislikes. This would help you improve the products and services you provide.