Top Employee Concerns that They Want You to Notice

| January 15, 2016

Top Employee Concerns that They Want You to Notice

When you hire employees, you go through a lot of trouble to get the best person or the best fit for your company. Naturally, you want to ensure that they stay in your company instead of running off to greener pastures. The best way to retain employees is to understand what they care about and what they want you to care about.

If you listen to your employee concerns here, you might be able to retain the best talents and keep them happy. You might also boost your reputation and attract even more good talent. Here’s a list of things that your employees want you to notice.


OK, money may not be the first thing on your employees’ mind, but it is a major concern. Even your youngest employees come with considerable financial responsibilities in the form of education loans and debt. They are concerned about money and about financial security. However, it’s not just the amount they’re concerned about. They’re more worried about financial security, financial future, and emergencies.

While you might provide assistance like retirement planning consultants, you should take a deeper interest in your employees’ financial security. You can do this by providing professional consultation on finance management, investing, budgeting, and even credit score monitoring. This would give your employees the information they need to manage their money well.

Personal Connection

This is where the notion that millennials are needy comes from. Employers from older stock will recoil when they’re asked to connect personally with their employees. However, it’s a fact that most employees do want a friendly, comfortable rapport with the employers. They also want their employees to care about their social life and their interaction with their teammates.

One of the best ways to support this desire is to build positive relationship with your employees. You can also encourage a good rapport between individual teammates. This would ensure that your employees have the support they need to remain stress-free and work well. Studies indicate that 44% of employees believe that a better relationship with the employers would reduce their stress.

The Value of Work

This is another concern that employers need to pay attention to. While people might not really care much about the value of the work at the beginning, as they settle into their jobs, they start to. They want to be part of meaningful projects where they can contribute to the company’s growth. They want to see their efforts translate into visible results. This gives them the maximum amount of job satisfaction.

It’s pretty easy to fulfill this need of the employees. All you need to do is make your employees aware of your company mission. Explain your goals in detail and show them how their work is impacting it and helping company growth. All employees want to feel that they’re valuable to the company in some way or the other. By providing regular reports about the company’s progress, you can achieve that.

Through proper understanding of your employee’s needs, you can ensure your company is a great place for people to work in. This would also help you attract better talent.