Why It’s Important to Review Your Marketing Plan Regularly

| February 11, 2016

Why It’s Important to Review Your Marketing Plan Regularly

Most small business owners and professionals make marketing plans for a 12 month period. While this is well and good, it doesn’t leave room for changes and improvements over that 12 month period. After all, you’re not frozen in time over the course of a year.

The market can change, customers can change, new innovations can be introduced, and new marketing techniques can be introduced, etc. If you don’t create a marketing plan flexible enough to consider all of these factors, you’ll start to fall behind. Here’s what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition.

Monitor the Performance

There are several tools available to monitor marketing campaigns. They would allow you to keep an eye on the campaign and ensure that they’re delivering the right amount of ROI. There are a few signs that you need to look out for. They are:

  • A downward trend in ROI: This is a sure sign that something isn’t working well with your marketing campaigns and you need to look into it.
  • A steady performance with no growth: You should always aim towards growth. If your marketing campaigns are delivering just a mediocre performance without any growth, something needs to change. While you might assume that it’s not a good idea to tamper with something that’s working, in this case, you should.
  • Very little engagement or ROI: If your campaigns aren’t delivering any results at all, obviously you need to do something. You can’t take the wait and watch approach here. You’ll end up losing ground if you do.

Review Your Marketing Plan

When you see the problem signs, it’s a good idea to check your marketing plan and evaluate it thoroughly. You’re in a different position a few months down the line than you where when you first implemented the plan. You might be able to see if the plan that worked then would work now. For example, if you implemented an ad campaign for a new product 4 months ago and found it successful, you might be tempted to let it continue.

However, if your competitor has introduced a new product that’s similar to yours, you need to alter your plan. It’s a good idea to keep reviewing the marketing plan at regular intervals and assess if it’s still effective and would deliver the right amount of ROI.

Study the Data

You might not know it, but your website is collecting a large amount of information about customer behaviour and the success of marketing campaigns every day. If you analyze this data, you’ll be able to understand just what your customer preferences are. You can use this data to make alterations in your previous marketing campaign.

This would allow you to improve your ROI and implement a much better marketing campaign.

If you’re careful, you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to marketing. It’s always a good idea to be current in your marketing efforts. You should use the latest techniques to get the best results.