Customer Service Habits That You Need to Let Go

| January 14, 2016

Customer Service Habits That You Need to Let Go

Customer service is perhaps the most vital part of your business. In fact, the modern business world is defined by customer service. Most people aren’t just looking for companies that offer a good product, but also great customer service. Unfortunately, most businesses are slow to understand this.

Your customers have access to the tools that would allow them to express their displeasure. They can post bad reviews on consumer forums, on Google+, on other social media networks. To avoid this and save the online reputation of your company, you can follow the suggestions listed below.

Running Over Your Customer

Customer services executives have this nasty habit of just running roughshod over their customers. This happens when they’re making sales calls as well. Customers quickly realise that the executives are counting seconds in their head and they get irritated. It’s a good idea to give your customers the time to understand what you’re saying. You should also let your customers speak and not interrupt them in the middle of the sentence.

Slow Down a Bit

Several customer service executives don’t just talk over their customers, they speak at a very fast pace. When you’re trying to convey information to your customer, you want your customers to understand it. How can they do that when you’re talking at a pace that no one can follow? It’s a better idea to speak at a normal pace that your customers can understand. This would also help keep them calm if they’re angry.

Subservience Instead of Competence

It might surprise you, but most customers like to deal with competent and intelligent sounding customer service executives. Instead of trying to placate angry customers with the sirs and ma’ams, try to solve the problem or direct your customers to people who can solve them. The companies with competent customer service staff is always held in more respect than those without proper customer service.

Stop the Endless Redirects 

There are some companies that keep their customers through different departments or branches. That simply doesn’t make any sense. If your customer has called the wrong department, your duty is to direct him to the right department. You also need to make sure that the department you’re recommending would actually help them. Don’t send your customers into a loop that would just frustrate them.

Don’t Allow Yourself to be Distracted

When your customer calls in, your very first task is to listen to what their complaint is. You need to ensure that you’re paying close attention and noting everything down. Don’t spend that time distracted, trying to figure out what you’d say to the customer. Once the customer has finished saying what they wanted to say, confirm with them whether you got the details right before looking for a solution. It’s vital to keep your attention focused on the person you’re talking to throughout the conversation.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll avoid irritating your customers and would be able to help them quickly and efficiently.