The Best Questions an Employer Should Ask During a Job Interview

| January 15, 2016

The Best Questions an Employer Should Ask During a Job Interview

For a small business, very employee is vital. That’s because every employee needs to contribute in a significant way to the company’s growth. A company with 500+ employees doesn’t need to worry about strengths and weakness of their employees as much as small businesses do. They have plenty of people cover which can compensate for small weakness.

For small businesses that have only about 10 to 50 employees, the quality of each candidate is a very major concern. As a small business owner, you might want to find ways to weed out the bad apples at the very beginning. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to ask the right questions during the job interview. Here are some examples of the right questions:

Q: How Would You Describe Your Dream Job?

The answer to this question is one of the best indicators of whether the candidate is suited for your company or not. In India, it’s not uncommon for people to want to work with big names and businesses. So if the answer to the question is along the lines of working for some fancy multinational business, you know that they’re not going to last long in your company. However, if the answer is more focused on personal growth and the desire to have an impact on the company, the candidate might be ideal for small businesses.

Q: What Do You like About Our Company and Why Do You Wish to Work Here?

As an employer, you should rightfully expect the candidate to know something about your business. If they have a clear answer to this question and express all the traits that they admire about your company, it’s obvious that the candidates have done their research. This means that they have a genuine desire to work for you and contribute to your business.

However, if the candidates are unable to answer, they might not be the most ideal people to hire. Bear in mind, your company information should be available to them for them to answer the question. If there’s no information, they won’t be able to answer.

Q: Have You Ever Gone Out of Your Way to Achieve a Goal and How have You Done It?

The answer to this question would show you the candidate’s determination and tenacity. This would also showcase the candidate’s creativity. Today, most people aren’t tied to their job descriptions. They help wherever they’re needed and are skilled in diverse areas.

An accountant can design a presentation for the client; a receptionist can organize a product launch, etc. The ability to do different kinds of jobs is vital for a small business as they can’t really hire a different person to do different jobs.

Q: Which the Biggest Challenge You’ve Ever Faced in Life and How has it Shaped You?

This question can yield some very profound answers and give you a glimpse of the strength of the candidates.

Asking these questions will help you understand a person’s professional and personal strengths. You’ll be able to hire the best people for your small business.