Why are Landing Pages Important?

| February 25, 2016

Why are Landing Pages Important?

If you have a PPC ad campaign, you’re probably familiar with the concept of landing pages. These are essentially the pages on your website where your prospective customers land after they click on your ads. Basically, they’re the first thing a visitor will see on your website. Landing pages usually consist of brief information about the product or service along with a call-to action. They’re very vital aspects of the entire PPC campaign.

Why are they Important?

As we mentioned before, landing pages are the first thing that your prospective customers see after click on your ad. You have a very small window of opportunity here to impress the prospects and convince them to explore the product or the website further. These landing pages contribute towards the first impression the customer has of your company.

If the landing page design isn’t good or you don’t have the right amount information on it, prospects might just turn away. They won’t spend their time on exploring the website and find out more about the product. That’s why it’s essential to have a great landing page.

It doesn’t matter if the link leads directly to the product page or a separate landing page, it needs to be well designed and give the prospects all of the information that they need to know. Only if you do that would you be able to convince the prospect to convert.

What are the Essential Aspects of Landing Pages? 

There are several things that can make a landing page great and complete. Experts recommend that you consider the following aspects.

  • Design – Design plays a very important role in landing pages. After all, the visual impact of the page is one of the first things that your prospect will notice. If the design is great, they’ll be more tempted to purchase the product that’s displayed. You need to study your target audience carefully and plan your landing page design accordingly. It should reflect your industry and the trends prevalent amongst your target audience.
  • Information – We keep mentioning the fact that information is vital. Landing pages need to contain precise and concise information about your product or services. In essence, you customers should be able to understand all of the qualities of the product at a glance. You have a very short window to grab their attention. Your landing page needs to encourage interest in the product by highlighting all its good qualities.
  • CTA – Call to action is one of the most important aspects of landing pages. If your CTA is obscure and not easily visible, you’ll lose customers that were on the verge of converting. Some people don’t place the buy now button on their landing pages. They choose to add only the know more When you do that, you give your prospects the time and opportunity to change their mind. That’s never a good idea. You should have both the know more and the buy now buttons on your landing pages.

If you keep these factors in mind, you’ll be able to design great landing pages that would help you convert prospects into customers.