How to Cope with a World that has Gone Mobile

| January 19, 2016

How to Cope with a World that has Gone Mobile

Whether you realize it or not, you most likely spend more time on your mobile phone than on your desktop, especially if you own a business that doesn’t need you to be deskbound, working on the PC. Mobile is fast dominating the market as the capability of smart phones and other such mobile devices grow. This isn’t a phenomenon that you can ignore, especially as a business owner. Here is how you can cope with the dominance of mobile and use it to your advantage.

Turn Your Website Mobile Friendly

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your website is compatible across different platforms. Today, most websites come with intuitive web design that changes according to the screen size. This means that the website is optimized for good viewing and it doesn’t matter if it’s viewed on a smart TV or a smart watch. This adjustment would make your website future-proof to some extent.

This is especially vital for people who have local businesses and would like to take advantage of mobile location services. The compatibility of your website across different platforms is a ranking factor in the search engine results page as well. It just makes sense to have a website that performs well on all devices.

Increase Your Mobile Ad Spend

There are still several people who direct more of their resources towards desktops than towards mobile. That’s not really a good decision, especially for small businesses that need a local presence. According to Google, mobile search volume has already surpassed the desktop search volume. In 2016, that trend is only going to grow. It’s a good idea to start directing your efforts and your investment towards mobile ads. They would provide a higher ROI than desktop ads.

User Experience

Whenever a user interacts with an entity of your business, they need to have a good experience. This is true for all platforms of interaction, including mobile. You need to make sure that your website is perfectly interactive when it’s viewed from the mobile phone. You need to be sure that all of the links can be clicked comfortably and the interactions are touchscreen-friendly.

One of the best ways to do that is to regularly visit your mobile website and see how it interacts. You need to ensure that it’s quick to load, has a clear website structure, and all of the information is easily accessible.

Videos and Pictures

The focus of the content has shifted as well. While written content will remain popular, it’s important to focus on visual content as well. Google is going to start displaying video ads on their SERPs and Bing has already experimented with it. It’s a good idea to start creating video ads for your products and services. You can also upload visual media content that’s optimized for mobile viewing.

If you follow these suggestions, your business would keep up with the times and the gradual shift to mobile wouldn’t rattle you.