How can You Personalize Marketing?

| January 21, 2016

How can You Personalize Marketing?

Personalization is the new magic word in the marketing industry. Well, it’s not exactly new but marketers are suddenly realizing the merits of it. In these competitive times, it’s vital to use every trick in the book to stand out. If you don’t find ways to make an impact on your customer, you’ll start trailing behind the competition. No small business owner wants that. The best way to have an impact on the customers is to personalize your interaction with them.

When you do that, you leave a lasting impression on your customers’ minds. Most small business owners just don’t know how to personalize their interactions with their customers. There are some sure-fire ways to do it.

Email Campaigns

Emails can be very easily personalized. You don’t need to change the content. All you need to do is to address the reader by name and you’ve already established a personal connection to some extent. You can take it a step further by remembering their preferences, noting their previous interactions with your business, and taking their purchase history into consideration.

If you have their birthdays and important events registered in your database, you can easily send out a personal email wishing them on the special days. When you do this, your customers will see just how much attention you pay to their preferences and they’ll appreciate the effort.

Personalize the Social Media Experience

Most marketers think that they don’t really need to personalize the social media interactions with customers. In fact, most are under the impression that that isn’t really possible. That’s true. It’s a little complicated on Facebook, but the giant does allow you to send messages directly to the followers of your company page. Twitter will also allow you to send private messages directly to the customer or a fan.

This allows for a more personal communication between you and the customer. You can use this opportunity to engage them and establish a solid connection with them. When you connect with the customers on social media, you remove a barrier. You’re no longer some distant entity, but rather a human being that they can interact with.

Personalize Website Experience

There are some companies that manage to personalize the website experience very well. Take Amazon for example. The website remembers all of the products you viewed or purchased in the past. The company uses that data to suggest similar products to you on the welcome page.

You can use a similar tactic to give your customers a personalized welcome as well. There are tools available that would help you understand visitor behaviour. You can use this data to make your prospective customers feel welcome. That won’t just enhance the overall customer experience, but ensure that you have an impact on the minds of your customers.

Use Mobile 

Mobile is everywhere. Almost every person who want to sell things to has a mobile phone. Why not use this platform to send personalized messages to your clients. If you have the customer’s number, you might have their name and purchase history as well. All you need to do is use this information to send interesting promotional messages to your customers.