How can you Maintain the Flow of Creativity in your Business?

| February 11, 2016

How can you Maintain the Flow of Creativity in your Business?

Today, innovation is the name of the game. No small business can continue to flourish if they don’t try to constantly come up with better solutions, better marketing campaigns, better services, and improved products. If you’re not always moving ahead, you’ll start to slow down and lag behind. Eventually, your business would fade into obscurity. Naturally, you want to prevent that and the creativity of you and your employees would help you achieve that. But how can you keep the creativity flowing? Here’s what you can do.

Encourage Free Expression

You might have a staff full of creative people and you won’t be able to utilize it if they’re afraid to speak up and present their ideas to you. By encouraging free expression of ideas and solutions, you can ensure that the creativity is flowing in your company. That would allow you to set a standard of communication that encourages creativity as well. After all, your employees wouldn’t hesitate to bounce their ideas off of each other and that would only lead to better, more refined ideas.

This is the best way to encourage creativity in your company. It just has an impact on the environment and company culture. It would also allow you to establish a great relationship with your employees and increase their loyalty towards your company. In essence, you’ll be able to retain the best talent.

Design of Your Business Premises

Nothing can kill creativity faster than dull grey walls, cubicles, and no windows to let the sunlight in. No matter what kind of communication you establish with your employees, it can’t be denied that the décor of your company would impact their creativity. If you have an open, bight décor, your employees will be more comfortable and inclined to be creative.

It’s a good idea of have a sort of open floor plan and large windows. You can also add a little bit of greenery to your office. There are several companies that add a small indoor garden to their office. It might seem like that it’s a waste of space, but it is effective. You can be sure that it would improve the vibe of your office.


The human mind just isn’t capable of being on high-gear at all times. Your employees can’t be creative if you don’t give their minds the time to disengage from work and focus on something else. Monotony will always destroy creativity. Allow your employees to take breaks every now and then. This might be a 30 minute break to the near-by park or a small vacation away from the city and pressures of work. The idea is to stimulate their mind and allow them to relax at the same time.

You’ll find that your employees are actually more creative after they’ve come back from a break. The change of scenery is just what people need to inspire new ideas and solutions when they’re stuck in a rut.

If you allow your employees some measure of freedom and give them the right environment to nurture creativity, you won’t have to worry about the flow of creativity in your business.