Keeping yourself motivated

| July 19, 2016

Keeping yourself motivated

Running your own business is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It can also be stressful, tiring and daunting. Being your own boss and having the freedom to work the way you want are goals worth striving for but how do you remain motivated when pressure and fatigue grow? If you’re not motivated your work suffers. If you’re not concentrating on your job it’s hard to grow your business. Here are some tips to help you keep your eye on the ball.

Set small goals

When you start your business you’ll have set out your long term goals in your business plan. Your long term goals aren’t going to be realised overnight, so you’ll need to set a series of short term goals to achieve the bigger ones. Having all your goals on paper and tracking your progress is an effective way to keep you motivated at work. You’ll feel like you are always moving forward and not being held back by the day to day pressures which come with running your own business.

Acknowledge your achievements

When you achieve your goals, take the time to celebrate the achievement. It doesn’t have to be a large production. Something like a work dinner or drinks can to mark the event can keep you and your employees motivated. Including the whole business in any celebration strengthens the team’s camaraderie and encourages them to work together to the next goal.

Remind yourself why

Everyone who starts their own business has a unique and personal reason for taking the leap — the chance to be your own boss; making a living on your own terms; not being stuck in an office all week; or turning your passion into your job. Whatever your motives, make sure you remind yourself when work becomes overwhelming. You started your business for a reason so always keep that reason in mind.

Talk with your business network

Use your network to regularly talk with peers in your industry. These sources are invaluable for business support and can also be used to strengthen your motivation. Talk and share ideas, see what others are doing to keep themselves focussed on the tasks at hand. Build a strong business network and use your contacts as a support group.

Time off

To be successful at your job, you can’t be focussed solely on work all the time. Everybody needs some downtime to refresh. It’s not all about taking regular holidays either. Taking some time out each day can be enough to recharge the batteries and get you concentrating again. Remember time away from work means just that, so resist the urge to check your email. You need to step away from your business every now and then to refocus on reaching the goals you’ve set.