Multiple Websites Boost Your SEO

| October 6, 2017

Multiple Websites Boost Your SEO

Performing effective SEO in websites isn’t black or white. It has a lot of pitfalls but if you do it right, it gives your website a good boost in rankings. In owning multiple websites names, how do you avoid getting penalized?

Keep your Multiple Websites updated

Building a website does not end with completing the interface. Often times, websites could mean a lot of work. Your website needs updating every now and then to freshen up the content. This is necessary for both inviting new visitors and maintaining website health.

In an effort to make the load a bit manageable, some web managers who are running multiple websites retain the layout and perform slight changes in the site such as colours and logo. However, similarities in web layout can also be a red flag for spam.

Create changes in such a way that websites aren’t similar to each other. In running multiple websites, never recycle content from one website to another. Search engines have a smart way to detect duplicated content which could mean your websites are penalized.

Make Keyword Campaigns Subtle

The goal of using keywords in SEO campaigns is to obtain the first rank in search results. One critical error in outdated SEO techniques is assigning one keyword in more than one website. Your multiple domains may focus on the same keyword but make sure you vary them. For example, the keyword “Asian travel” may have variations such as “cheap Asian travel” or “Asian travel in Winter.”

Don’t Confuse Your Visitors

Organize your internal links by associating the correct text. Clicking links and leading your visitors to a page they don’t need is annoying and is a sure-fire way to drive them away. Don’t deceive your readers and redirect them to pages they don’t want. For example, your option to exit the page should allow you to exit from it and not link you to more promotional pages.

Build Links across sites

This is a classic SEO strategy that could make or break the rankings of your multiple websites. Forget about black hat link wheeling. As the term suggests, it doesn’t do your multiple websites any good.

Examples of black hat techniques are:

      • embedded hidden links
      • putting the links in the navigation area rather than the content
      • linking to “low-quality” sites

Your multiple websites give you an easy outlet to perform link building. Just make sure that all content found in all the websites you own is high quality and varied so it will not be marked as spam.