Are you making these 7 mistakes in your business?

| September 29, 2015

Are you making these 7 mistakes in your business?

If you are the owner of a small business, its worth paying attention on the small habits that may be affecting your business negatively. Are you doing any of these 7 things?

1. You don’t a​sk your customers for feedback

If you think that not having complaints from a customer means that they are satisfied with your business, you are wrong. The truth is that very few people actually give their feedback to a company, even if they have something negative to say.

So ask for feedback. When your customers come into your store, ask them whether there is anything they are not happy with and if yes, what it is. When you are constantly on your toes, your customers know that they can expect the best from you.

2. You are not productive

Productivity is measured by things you get done. So if you find yourself constantly inundated with emails, messages and phone calls that is taking you away from actually doing things for your business, you are not in a god position.

Being busy all day but not being productive is a mistake that too many people suffer from. Make sure it’s not yours.

3. You don’t keep your website updated

More and more people are going online to find out about businesses they want to buy from or hire. So unless you keep your website updated, how are your potential customers going to know anything about you?

The blog section is an often neglected area of a website. Since the blog posts are dated, it is easy to understand exactly how much a business is spending time and effort on updating their website. So pay attention and update your website regularly. It will create a good impression and Google too will be happy.

4. You don’t deal with unhappy customers

This is really a no-brainer but if you are a business that is making this huge mistake, you are in trouble. Ignoring customers’ complaints and thinking that they will go away is foolish.

Your customers are paying you and you need to make sure that they are satisfied. Unhappy customers will tell the world about the bad customer service they received. If you have made a mistake, fix it as soon as possible and ensure that you apologise for the inconvenience.

5. You work 24/7

You may have heard people saying that running a business is a 24-hour operation. But don’t take it literally. The body and mind both need rest.

If you feel that you are working too hard, it’s time to relax. Taking time off from your business is as important as doing everything you can to improve it.

6. Your social media activity has nothing to do with your brand

Your social media account is a vital part of your business’s success. So posting mindlessly without the least bit of thought to your business’s branding is not a good idea.

When you use social media, you need to make sure that you are creating brand value.