4 Things to consider when designing a logo

| August 25, 2015

4 Things to consider when designing a logo

Branding is more important now than it ever was. It just isn’t enough for you to be a grocer, or a painter or a designer, etc. You need to present a product or a service under a banner, something that would hopefully make you stand out from the rest. The design of this banner and the logo, is very important.

If you consider the branding and the logos of the major players, you might notice that they invoke what the company is trying to project. For example, when you look at Apple’s iconic logo, you get the impression of classy elegance, modern sophistication and with a hint of quirky creativity. That’s exactly what Apple designers wanted to convey.

Consider Colour

It’s no secret that colours can set mood and convey messages. The fashion industry has been utilizing colour effectively in clothes for several hundred years now. When you’re designing a logo, you need to consider exactly what your intention is.

  • White: White is bright, clean, sharp and minimalistic, it represents perfection and cool competence. Mercedes, Gucci, Boss, Apple, etc. have all utilized this colour.
  • Blue: Blue is calm, cool and invokes a feeling of security and honesty combined with subtle strength. Visa, Facebook. HP, Volkswagen, Wordpress, IBM, have blue logos.
  • Red: Red is the colour of passion, youth, energy, action and boldness. It’s an attention grabbing colour. Cocacola, Disney, KFC, Pinterest use this colour in their logos
  • Yellow: Yellow is fun and playful, the colour of optimism, confidence and sunny enthusiasm. McDonald’s, Shell, Best Buy, Nikon and Ferrari have used this colour in their logos.
  • Green: Green’s the colour of earth and nature. It’s organic, fresh, caring and symbolizes growth. Companies that use it are Starbucks, Subway, Google for Android, Animal Planet, etc.
  • Black: The colour of sophistication, luxury and authority, black is a colour that’s classy, seductive and powerful. Giants like Sony, BBC, Chanel, ABC, Adidas, etc., use it.
  • Multicolour: Multicolour logos are artistic, bold, free-thinking, unrestrained, youthful and creative. Google, Ebay, NBC, Microsoft and the Olympics use them.

Consider Shape

The shape of your logo also conveys a message. There are several different shapes and sizes of logos out there, but some are commonly used.

  • Circular forms: This includes ovals, ellipses and circles and portrays continuity and endurance. Circles tend to convey a positive, emotional message of friendship, community, love and unity. Consider the logos of Pepsi, GE, Beats, Pinterest as examples.
  • Squares and Triangles: These generally portray a sense of practicality, stability, professionalism, strength and efficiency. Since these shapes are clearly defined, they’re associated with power. Consider the logos or Lego, Adobe, Mitsubishi and Microsoft.


The font you use in your logo is also very important. Today, simple lines and clean fonts are preferred over curls and accents. Of course, accents have their place. Consider the Yankees font for example. It’s playful and flowing. In contrast, consider Oracle’s font or Chanel’s. They’re simple and efficient.

All these components are involved in making the perfect logo for your small business venture.