Blogging 101: Set the right tone

| August 25, 2015

Blogging 101: Set the right tone

Blogs are an excellent way to add personality to your business and offers a way to connect to your customers.

A surprising number of your website visitors will make your blog their first browsing point. If you have an interesting blog, that would also help you build an engaged subscriber list and ultimate, a loyal customer base.

No to mention great blog posts can also go viral, spreading your content and therefore your brand across different social media platforms – for free!

However, while compelling and informative content is the foundation for a successful blog, it is your voice; you own personal touch that makes a blog special. The tone of your blog matters. It is your selling point and competitive edge.

Recognize your target audience

If your business sells menswear, you need to present content that is oriented towards masculine interests. The tone of your blog should be adjusted for a male audience.

If you sell art supplies, your blog might benefit by being more visual; graphic heavy with a creative design.

The point is you first need to find out the characteristics of your target market, and then tailor your blog so that it has the optimum look and feel to engage your customer’s interests.

Do your research

Before starting your own blog, look into some popular bloggers, browse through the blogs of competitors and industry leaders to get an idea of their tone and approach.

Find out if you favour any particular style of blogging; are you more comfortable speaking than writing? Are you great at photography and making interesting videos? Blogs don’t have to be all written, there are multiple mediums that can carry content to your readers.

Blogging should ultimately be something you like doing, and your energy will show through your blog and rub off on your audience.

Find your expertise

Your blog doesn’t need to be limited to content relevant to your products or business. Unlike your business website, your blog give you the freedom to branch out while keeping your target audience in mind.

If you’re a closet green-thumb and know many things about gardening and plants in general, you can utilize that expertize to create interesting content. As an entrepreneur, you have different skills and talents that you can easily use to breathe life into your blog. Market those skills. Share tips and tricks, make tutorials and write articles offering advice. These will all help you gather more followers.

Find yourself before putting pen to paper

Think of what you want to express through your blog. Do you want to be the expert in your niche? Do you want to spread the word about your business and your product? Are you more interested in just promoting your product or services?

In the end, the best way to add a personal, natural tone to your work is to find your own voice, find a place where you’re comfortable and just express.