#EpicFail: 5 reasons why your social media campaign is not working out

| August 25, 2015

#EpicFail: 5 reasons why your social media campaign is not working out

Yes, social media is not everyone’s forte, even if it has become somewhat indispensible to an entrepreneur.

In most cases, a good social media strategy is necessary to run a successful business. However, if you are running a campaign and find that the response you get is lack-lustre if not entirely negative, then you are doing something wrong.

In traditional forms of marketing, you can easily just create a billboard or a pamphlet and forget about it for a couple of months until is it time to refresh your marketing. However, with social media, your campaign runs near continuously. Not many are willing to spend that much time and effort in the upkeep out their campaigns.

Lack of Planning

When you browse through the guides to social media marketing that are readily available online, there is one advice you might find in every one of them: Planning.

Ultimately planning is keystone for campaign success. If you don’t have a set structure and a specific goal in mind, it doesn’t matter how much money or time you invest, your efforts will be scattered and disjointed.

Even before you venture into marketing, start with doing thorough research. Be clear on your objective, your target audience, your company policies and ethics, the niche you’re addressing before your proceed.

Lack of Content

Social media marketing relies heavily on the quality of your content. Everything from your blog entries to your Facebook updates and Tweets needs to say the same thing: you want to engage your target audience and that you’re interested in them.

When you put an effort in your social media marketing, it proves to them that you’re committed to building a good relationship with them and are serious about your business.

If you don’t engage your audience across the platforms, they might eventually forget about you and if they get some rare Tweet or update from you once a month or so, they might even get disgruntled. It is very likely that your audience will think you are not serious about your business. It’s not rare for people to think you have closed shop if you don’t regularly update your account.

Selling instead of Engaging

Social media is less about the product and service you’re trying to sell and more about you and your company. You’re promoting the face behind the product or service as much as you’re promoting the product itself.

If you blindly market the product, you’re quickly going to lose your audience. Most successful entrepreneurs make sure to offer engaging content that might not even be directly related to their offered product or service.

Building a great campaign is all about commitment and marketing on social media requires a large amount of commitment. If you’re unable to do it, you should invest in hiring a professional who understands your company and your product or service and letting them handle the campaign for you.