Why is Strategic Outdoor Lighting so Important?

| October 2, 2015

Why is Strategic Outdoor Lighting so Important?

No landscape is complete without good, thoughtful outdoor lighting. Leaving the landscape pitch dark when the sun goes down isn’t a good idea. Flooding your backyards with excessive light isn’t a good idea either. You need to find the right balance and install tasteful lighting on your outdoors.

You might wonder why strategic outdoor lighting is so important. You’d much rather save money on installation and energy bills by placing a couple of lights where visibility is needed. However, you might be missing out. Here are some reasons why strategic outdoor lighting is important.

1. Beautification

Lights add beauty to your landscape. No one can doubt that with it, every feature is enhanced. You can use lighting to accentuate certain features like water fixtures, shrubs trees, and even pools. It can be used to add drama or soften edges. Experienced landscape designers also use strategic lighting to hide any flaws and highlight good features on your property.

2. Create an Environment

Well planned lighting can make your gardens or landscapes look beautiful, but they can also create an atmosphere or set the mood. For example, softer lightening that casts subtle shadows and adds a glow can create a romantic environment for a date. Bright colourful lights can be great for a party and adding lights to your pool can set the mood for a pool party. Lights are very useful in that respect.

3. Highlights the Architecture of your Home

If your home has a wonderful or unique architecture, you might want to draw attention to it. Lighting is the best way to do that. A good landscape designer might be able to focus the lighting in such a way that it accentuates certain features of your home. This can enhance the overall beauty of it.

4. Safety

You need lighting for your safety and the safety of everyone on the property. All walkways, driveways, and stairs need to be well-lit and easily identifiable. If they’re not, it can lead to accidents. You also need to highlight the presence of bushes and shrubs to make sure that people don’t walk into them. Strategically installed lighting can ensure that there’s a high level of visibility without compromising the beauty of your landscapes.

5. Use

If your backyard, patio, deck, pool, etc, aren’t well lit, you might not be able to use them during the night. What’s the use of having all these installations on your private property when you can use them only during the day? By adding lights to your landscape, you extend the use of all its features well into the night.

6. Security

It’s a commonly acknowledged fact that thieves and burglars hate light. If your backyard, pathways and porches are well lit, they’ll deter intruders. That’s because you might be able to spot them easily if they step into your well-lit property.

These are some of the many reasons why outdoor lighting, specifically, strategic outdoor lighting is a good idea for all property owners.

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