If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing on something

| October 7, 2015

If you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing on something

With almost 50% of the global population now active on the Web, social media marketing has become one of the most-effective and quickest ways of reaching customers. In fact, around 68% consumers use social media sites to look for local businesses.

There are different social media platforms to choose from, and they all target different audiences. As a business that wants to expand its customer base, you will have to identify which platforms work for your specific business and then focus your energies on interacting and advertising on those.

One platform that seems to consistently top the rest is Facebook.

How You Benefit from using FB

On an average, FB users spend 40-minutes per day checking their account and most consumers feel that it is the most important Social Media platform. Take a look at why this is the case:

  • Customer Service

One of the primary reasons why consumers prefer to communicate with local businesses via Facebook is for the experience. They are able to ask for referrals/recommendations from friends, compliment customer service, request customer support as well as praise  the quality of services and products

  • Quick Response Times

A number of consumers find Social Media platforms to be the best way of communicating with businesses, regardless of whether they have a product enquiry or a complaint; 58% of consumers expect a response on FB & 42% say that Twitter responses come in within 24 hours. This means it’s crucial that businesses  respond  to consumers  in a very timely manner

  • Target Your Audience

Customers prefer seeing ads in their news feed , based  on their  preferences and  location and small businesses can use these parameters  to target their audience

  • Content

When people see ads via social media, they are much more motivated to shop when they see content that promises promotions or savings. In many ways, this becomes the primary influence that spurs consumers to visit the website of a business

  • The Chain Effect

There are times when what occurs on Facebook also progresses to other avenues. Almost 50%  of consumers who see an ad on FB will click through  to the company’s website

Social media is a very important facet of any business’ marketing strategy. If you are a small business owner, conduct a bit of market research, understand how your target market is interacting on FB and make every effort to reach them where they are the most active.