Small Businesses Tips to Hiring Employees

| November 6, 2015

Small Businesses Tips to Hiring Employees

Hiring is a very important aspect that a small business owner has to take into consideration as part of his or her job. For any small business, every new hire has a significant impact & influence on the company culture. Since you have few employees, you have to ensure that the people you hire are passionate, committed to being team players.

The CPH Factor

The minute you have great people, you move on from being a mediocre business to a successful one. Its not uncommon for entrepreneurs to spend very little time and effort on hiring, and this is something which has to change. The fact is that hiring isn’t a very easy task and there are also certain costs related to recruiting; it’s crucial that you keep the cost per hire in view, while you are going through this process.

You should keep in view the fact that you are actually paying someone to the job; that person could be an in-house employee, or a recruiter, or maybe you are doing the job yourself. The longer you take to hire the right candidate, the greater your cost per hire.

Some Tips

Here are a few tips that can smooth the process:

  • Clarity in Role Description – When you are listing the job requirement on any recruitment site, be clear, concise, broad and descriptive. What you list on the posting should help potential applicants see that this position is one of importance within your company and that they’ll be making a very valuable contribution.
  • Look in the right places – Spend some time and identify where the best potential employees for your company, would be found. So, if you are looking for someone to handle sales for you, a trade show is a great place to see a person in his element, etc.
  • Transparency – This is a very important aspect when you are hiring. You are at the helm of a small organisation and the more open you are with the people who are going to work with you, the better. For instance- in a small company, most employees wear different hats; so if you tell a candidate during the hiring process that you are hiring him for a certain role, and then saddling him with multiple tasks, he is going to be unhappy. This can impact his productivity and the profitability of your business.
  • Flexibility – The current breed of professionals are willing to work hard, but they also like their freedom and look for employment that provides them a certain amount of flexibility. They don’t like to be shackled to their desks from 9-5. You should make an effort to provide them that flexibility – whether that means allowing them to work on that important presentation at the local coffee shop or from the comfort of their home.

These are just a few tips to get your hiring right. As an entrepreneur, you have a number of things on your plate and when you are starting out, they all seem equally important. The one way  to ease the burden, is to outsource the job to a professional recruitment agency. You can find one that matches your requirements via the Hotfrog New Zealand recruitment page.