Why Aren’t People Reading Your Emails?

| January 18, 2016

Why Aren’t People Reading Your Emails?

Emails still remain one of the primary modes of business communication. Email marketing is still one of the most important tools in the marketer’s arsenal. However, it might come as no real surprise to know that only a small percentage of people actually read your mails. We live in an era when inboxes are regularly flooded with marketing and promotional emails.

People are tired of it and would rather delete it without even looking at the title. As long as it’s not a business or a personal email, they’re not concerned with it. This sounds rather bleak, doesn’t it? After all, you put so much effort into expanding your customer database, into getting those email ids, and into preparing the right content.

Why waste so much effort when it yields no results? The fact of the matter is that it does yield results. You just need to do it properly. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid if you want people to open your emails.

Vague Subject Line

Vague or even deceptive subject lines are the quickest way to the trash folder and sometimes even the spam folder. For example, if your subject line says, ‘Amazing Investment Opportunity’, you’re immediately heading for the spam folder or the trash can. It’s very important to have a precise and detailed subject line that would give the readers a clue about the content. Be honest here. If your subject line is completely disconnected from the content, you’ll be marked as spam.

Failure to Get to the Point

People don’t have time to go through a long introduction. In fact, the attention span of your readers online, is very short. It’s a good idea to grab it in the first few sentences. Your battle is only half-won after you’ve gotten people to open your email, you need to make a good first impression too. Clearly state the purpose of your email in the first few lines of the email. This would show them you’re serious and demand the reader’s attention.

No Mention of a Personal or Local Connection

As a small business owner, you can’t afford to let the opportunity of an open email go. One of the best ways to catch the reader’s attention is to mention a personal connection. For example, if you have a mutual friend, mention him to that person. That would immediately grab the attention of the reader and he’ll read your email with greater focus.

Forcing Decision with Hard-Sell Words

It’s never a good idea to pressurize people. Using words like, ‘last chance!’, or ‘now or never’, etc, adds pressure on the reader and almost compels them to react. Some people might comply but most would reject you for trying to bully them into making a decision. You should avoid this as much as you can.

Along with all of these things, you also need to keep timing in mind. Send the email when you think the reader will have nothing urgent to do. People are more likely to pay attention to your emails if they’re not busy.