How can Your Website Layout and Style Influence Sales?

| August 22, 2016

How can Your Website Layout and Style Influence Sales?

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You must already we aware that the design of your website can influence your customers. The colour, the structure, and the branding can have a significant influence on the customers and their response to your company. However, there are small, subtle design properties that many people ignore but have a massive impact on buyer decision and behaviour. You need to plan your website well because it’s a virtual representation of your business.

It’s the most important platform on which your company can communicate with your customers. There are some tricks that you can utilize to increase the appeal of your website. It’s a good idea to A/B test all of these changes to ensure that they work as they’re supposed to. Consider the following suggestions to improve the appeal of your website.

The Layout

The website layout is the biggest influence on the customers, though most people fail to recognize this. There are some layouts that can be very frustrating and difficult to navigate through. Using these layouts can only chase your customers away and limit the amount of revenue you earn. For example, consider the infinite scroll layout.

Most design experts recommend people to avoid this layout because it can sometimes be very frustrating. While it might look modern and easy, it can be difficult to navigate, you need to choose a layout that would improve user experience and ensure that your customers can visit different sections of your website without any problems.

Checkout Page

The design of the checkout page can actually influence your customers to buy more products. You can display products connected to the product the customer has purchased already. For example, if the customer is buying a laptop, you can display things like laptop bags, laptop skins, anti-virus software, cooling pads, etc. When you display products that can be used in conjunction with the product that the customer has already bought, you might induce them to make a purchase.

CTA Colours

The CTA button should be vivid and attractive. It would immediately catch people’s attention and encourage them to press it. Very few people actually realize just how important the colour of the CTA button is. You need to consider your target audience and your business when you decide the colour of your CTA button.

For example, if you’re a company that sells organic products, you might want to use a bright green CTA button because the colour would tie well with your company’s mission. It would also influence people who like organic food. Such customers are often concerned about the environment and look for green solutions. They will be more tempted to click on the button if it’s green as opposed to other colours like pink or red.

Right vs. Left

You might notice that most successful websites have the Buy Now button placed on the right side of the product. There’s a reason for that. Humans have the tendency to favour right side to the left. As we read from left to right, we associate the left-hand side with the past. Placing the Buy Now button on the right-hand side would be much more effective.

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