How LinkedIn can be an Ace in your Pocket

| July 10, 2015

How LinkedIn can be an Ace in your Pocket

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While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter tend to grab a lot of attention, LinkedIn somehow still manages to be at the top. Yes, Facebook might have more users and Twitter might be hot amongst the young and the constantly online. However, LinkedIn commands a powerful yet baffling influence.

There are ways you might be able to utilize the influence of LinkedIn to your advantage. The network isn’t as mysterious or as dull as most people believe it to be. You’ll most likely find this particular social networking website to be your most valuable tool.

Make yourself visible

As with all social networks, it is vital to make yourself visible on LinkedIn. There are several ways to achieve this but as always, content is king. First think of where your skills and experience lie. Your content might be just passively related to products or services your business offers, but it must be relevant. For example, if your business offers services in website design, you might write a piece about digital marketing and the like.

As long as you post content that’s written with authority, you’re likely to attract a lot of attention. If you expand on this by commenting on similar posts, offer a little insight or a hint of personal experience related to the content. Many readers actually read the comment section as well and if you’ve posted a good, insightful comment, that leader might actually follow you back to your profile.

Make sure your profile looks great

When people are drawn to your content and your comments, they’ll follow you back to your profile page and when they do that, a lackluster profile would immediately put them off. Make sure it is amazing and highlights your business. Describe you business and emphasize more on how your business helps customers instead of highlighting the product or service.

If you’ve got a great blog, provide a link. Make sure your blog is in good shape before you do this. Definitely avoid using a stock photograph and instead use something that reflects the ideals of your business.

Take advantage of groups

Groups are a great way to build connections and explore a new customer base. Get in touch with a great prospective client who has multiple connections and who can refer you. Moreover, with LinkedIn, you’re allowed to send private messages to people who’re in the same group as you, allowing you to directly approach a prospective client.

Posting good content on group pages can lead to a multitude of new connections that you can take advantage of. So don’t hesitate to become a part of groups and comment or post regularly in them.

The gem that’s advanced search

LinkedIn Advance Search is perhaps the most powerful took for a small business owner on this network. It allows you to conduct a very specific search. You can narrow your search by the industry you want to look into, by the size of the company, the location and the like.

With these tools, you’re starting off at the right foot and would eventually make great connections on LinkedIn.