Five ways to reward clients and appreciate customers

| July 19, 2016

Five ways to reward clients and appreciate customers

It may seem obvious that without your current customers and clients, you don’t actually have a business. Remembering the value they bring to your business will help you inject sincere gratitude and appreciation in everything you do.

A great rule of thumb is to treat your clients the way you would like to be treated yourself. In fact, you want to roll out the red carpet for your clients and over deliver on every front. If you do that you’ll see a surge in business, repeat customers and referrals that you never thought possible. Here are several ways to reward your customers:

Create a reward program

Say ‘Thank You’ by developing simple and effective loyalty or reward programs, which can be as easy as a follow-up  ‘thank you’ card for clients, to an incentive program for repeat customers. Both options let your customers know that you appreciate them and their business. By communicating your gratitude early on, you’ll often turn customers into loyal advocates.

Be a specialist

If you want to create loyalty then make your clients feel special with random acts of kindness. Send a thoughtful gift when your clients least expect it. If you do this successfully, they will remember you and refer people to you. Of course this can require some careful planning and advanced thought on your behalf but the rewards will be worth it and the gesture will not be forgotten.

Give freely

While constant discounts and promotions may harm your business, once and a while giving some of your key customers a free service can work wonders for strengthening relationships. Whether it’s a free (complimentary) product or service, or a free month on an annual subscription, you are going the extra mile to create a special treat for them. And who doesn’t like free things or special gifts as a reward for being a value customer?

On friendly terms

If you tend to know your clients only by a customer number then it’s high time you started thinking of them as real people and learning more about them and their unique lives. A simple start is to remember their birthdays or special events and surprise them with thoughtful gifts that support their lifestyle like a ticket to an event they’d like or a box of chocolates. Clients want to know that you see, hear, and care about them and personalised gifts are an easy way to express that.

Shine a spotlight

A novel way to get their attention and make them feel special is to use social networks to show your appreciation. Shout out to them on Twitter or take time to visit their blog and leave a thoughtful comment. By doing this you’re recognising your clients and customers in a public setting. This unexpected token of appreciation and recognition is a great way to spread good will and highlight your business at the same time.