You need These People on your Team if You’re Planning a Start-Up

| February 11, 2016

You need These People on your Team if You’re Planning a Start-Up

If you have a great idea that you’re confident would fulfil a need of the customers, now is the time to implement it. The economy and technology have created an environment where start-ups can grow and flourish. However, if you want to succeed, you need to start off at the right foot.

Unfortunately, the success of a start-up is dependent on luck as well as effort. But there are a few ways you can turn the luck in your favour. One way to do that is to have an excellent founding team. If you have a solid team to back you up, you’ll be able to gain success more quickly. These are the people you need.

The Go-with-the-flow Guy

People underestimate the influence of a team member who’s able to adjust well to every situation that might come up. They’re the people who’ll keep a level head when everyone is panicking and frazzled. You need a person who can act as an anchor during troubled times.

After all, the first few months of a start-up will be rocky. You’ll need a calm, easy-going guy in your corner. Such employees are also able to adjust to the high-stress environment of the start-up office easily. That act as a guiding force for others as well.

The Workhorse

Workhorses are hardworking and dedicated to their job and no company can succeed without them. They’re the employees who’ll keep the company machinery running in the background while you focus on other aspects. You need someone on your start-up team who will be willing to roll up their sleeves and do jobs that other people would hesitate to do.  When you’re recruiting people for your founding team, be sure to find at least one workhorse.

The Creative Force

Creativity drives all start-ups. Without creativity, you won’t be able to come up with unique solutions, marketing campaigns, and products. Every company needs people who’re creative and come up with the best ideas. These people will also act as an inspiration to others.

They’ll influence the work culture and environment, creating an atmosphere that encourages growth and free thinking. This is the backbone of all start-ups and shouldn’t be neglected. It’s also a good idea to design your start-up office so that it encourages creativity.

The Party-Pooper

This team member is someone who’s ruthlessly practical and would allow you to take flights of fancy. These people will act as your restraints and ensure that you don’t make bad decisions in haste. It’s very easy to become overly enthusiastic in a start-up environment. In the past, that has led to the downfall of several companies. A practical person would be able to ensure that your team is firmly grounded in reality. They will keep an eye on your finances and monitor your successes.

The Leader 

Finally, we have the captain of the ship. Every start-up needs a great leader who will act as a guiding force of the company. This person will push the company towards success, take the risk, and invest their heart and soul into it. Without the captain, the start-up ship just won’t sail.