How to Choose Your Company Spokesperson

| November 26, 2015

How to Choose Your Company Spokesperson

Small business owners don’t often give much thought to who might represent them in a public forum. In fact, most business owners don’t even consider the possibility that they might have to face the public forum at some point. Unfortunately, when such a situation arises, business owners are thrust into the limelight even if they don’t have the skill or the experience to be the face of the company.

You might consider this a one-off event, but there are other ways a company spokesperson can be useful. They can handle networking, important meetings, media relations, recruitment, etc. A company spokesperson is someone who can speak for the company and speak well. Here are some tips on how to hire them.

Find Happy Employees

Ideally, you want all your employees to be happy with their job and love working in your company. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. However, employees that are happy tend to promote your company to others whether they realize it or not. They have the tendency to tell people about where they work and what their company does. To put it bluntly, satisfied employees brag. These employees are also good candidates for being your company spokesperson because they genuinely love the company.

Find Social Media Savvy People

If you’re a business owner for some years now, you’re probably aware that social media can have a big impact on your business. Your company spokesperson should be great at handling social media and a regular at websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. So look for employees that have a noticeable social media presence, who engage others, and post interesting content. This people would be able to easily handle your company’s social media presence.

Find People Who’re Compelling Speakers

There are some people who can keep an audience spell-bound. They converse well, express their opinions eloquently, and are very knowledgeable and engaging. Such people are very impressive and if they’re the spokesperson of your company, they can bolster your image. Find employees that are great storytellers. You need people who can easily capture and retain attention, and you’ll have a good company spokesperson. Of course, you’ll need to utilize these people as often as you can.

Find the Writers

A person who speaks eloquently might not always write eloquently. In fact, that combination isn’t as common as one would think. However, written media like blogs, guest posts, articles, etc, can showcase your company to a wider audience than any other medium. This employee is also a spokesperson, but of a different kind. They use a different, but highly effective instrument. So you need to find writers in your team that can represent your company in blogs and other such platforms.


Finally, you need to see how your employees perform in a social setting. You can use company events, seminars, networking events, etc, to gauge who seems to be influential. You can observe you employees, single out people who seem to connect well with others. These members of your team can be the people who work towards gaining new connections.