Olympics – How to Utilize This Opportunity for Your Small Business

| August 2, 2016

Olympics – How to Utilize This Opportunity for Your Small Business

The Olympics are a highly anticipated event, especially for people interested in athletics and sports. They arouse people’s patriotism and get everyone invested in the outcome of each competition. Winning an Olympics gold, silver, and bronze medal is a matter of pride for any nation; so people flock to watch these games and enjoy the anticipation and triumph. Naturally, this presents a great opportunity for your small business and here are some ways in which you can take advantage.

Modify Your Marketing Campaign for the Olympics

You need to include Olympics-related keywords and ad campaigns in your marketing strategy a few months before these games are due to start. You can also include the latest trends related to your events in your business.

For example, if you’re an ice cream vendor, you can come up with an exclusive flavor for Olympics. You could also include different names like Olympic Gold, or Minty Bolt, etc. The idea is to capitalize on the enthusiasm surrounding the event to promote your own products and brands. This is relatively easy to do and often leads to great results.

Establish a Connection with the Olympics

How can you take advantage of the event if your business is in no-way connected to sports, athleticism, or Olympics? You can’t just create a random marketing campaign because it would seem abrupt and disconnected. It’s important to establish a solid connection between your brand and the event.

It was illustrated in the previously mentioned example that you can connect an ice cream to Olympics quite easily. If you can’t find any way to connect your business or product with the Olympics, try to connect indirectly. For example, offer a 20% discount on products if your country wins a gold medal.

Support and Gain Support from Local Athletes

If there are any local athletes in your service area that are a part of Olympics, create an ad campaign in support of them. You can also find athletes that use your products and services and include it in your ad campaign.

For example, if an athlete buys groceries from your store, or uses your gym facilities to train, etc, you can advertise it. Local athletes often garner considerable amount of support when they participate in large international events, especially in something as big as the Olympics.

Spread the Patriotic Message

You should support your country and the teams that represent you through your products. Displaying your flag prominently on your website and ad campaigns as the event approaches is a great way to do this. You can also create products that support specific teams and events as well.

For example, a picture of a runner at the starting line with the Stars and Stripes in the background would showcase your support for the American running team.

The Olympics and athletes are sponsored so you can’t just create a marketing campaign based on the event willy-nilly. You need to make sure that are no legal repercussions of you using the Olympics as your marketing tool. Don’t infringe on any trademarks and don’t use the Olympic brand carelessly and you won’t have any problem.