5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Organized When You Have Kids

| June 9, 2020

5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Organized When You Have Kids

Living in an organized home makes life so much easier. It’s quicker to clean and keep tidy, and it’s easier to find the things that you need. However, when you have kids, it’s hard to keep on top of things and keep the place organized. Here are some tips for a tidier, neater home, even if you have children who love to make a mess!

Have a big declutter

When you have kids, it’s very easy to accumulate huge amounts of toys, clothing and more. However, kids honestly don’t need as much stuff as you think, and studies have shown that young children with fewer toys played more creatively, spending more time with each toy and getting more enjoyment out of them. Have a big declutter of toys and donate things they aren’t interested in, then have a one-in, one-out system to ensure things stay scaled back.

Make sure everything has a place

If you want the kids to help you tidy and put things away neatly, you should make sure everything has a place to go. Consider using bins to store toys, as these can be labelled, and even the youngest kid can help chuck toys in the right bin. 

Keep toys and kids’ items in their own areas

The problem with kids’ toys and possessions is that they often end up overtaking every room in the house, which can make it look messy and means you feel like you have no space to yourself. Make sure kids know which rooms they can play in; for example, let them use the family room or create a playroom for them, and ensure they keep their stuff out of the living room and other grown-up areas. 

Store seasonal items

A lot of kids’ stuff is only used during certain seasons. They don’t need their sled and snow boots in the summer, and they probably won’t use their outdoor toys in the winter, so store it away. You can free up even more space by looking for Hawaii self-storage units, which allow you to keep everything neatly and securely stored and free up space at home. 

Some other things you can put in storage include:

  • Outgrown clothes and toys you’re saving for a future child
  • Christmas and other holiday decorations
  • Sentimental items that aren’t suitable for display
  • Furniture that’s not used often such as spare chairs

Give them chores

Many parents don’t give their young children chores, perhaps thinking they won’t be able to handle them, however, even small kids can manage to do some basics. Make a list of age appropriate chores for each child, and only give them their allowance if they complete them all. Even a toddler can help put their toys away and even do a little dusting, and it means you aren’t the only one who is running around and cleaning up.

It’s not always easy to keep the house tidy and organized when you have kids. Keep things simple by decluttering, then get the kids involved in keeping the place clean and tidy.