How to Nail your Store Design

| October 26, 2015

How to Nail your Store Design

Your store design matters, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Customers are more likely to shop in a well designed store that appeals to their aesthetic senses than a plain one with dull colours and decor. It’s a good idea to design your store in a way that would attract your customers and convey a statement to them. Here are some tips on the best interior design for your store:


We already mentioned making a statement in the introduction and this point can’t be emphasised enough. Successful stores don’t have a bland, generic design. They use the decor to stand out amongst the crowd and make themselves noticed. To get the same effect, you need to consider your business carefully. Look at the following points:

  • What is your industry?
  • What kind of visitors do you hope to attract?
  • What kind of message do you hope to deliver?
  • What kind of experience do you want your visitors to go through?

The answer to these questions will help you design a store that conveys the right message. For example, if you sell women’s formal wear of the latest fashion, you want to cater to that audience. Your decor should be sophisticated, yet restrained, formal looking and sleek. The design would be markedly different from a store that sells bridal gowns, for example.

Figuring out the Colour Scheme

Colours would come to define your commercial space so making the wrong decision here can hurt the overall design and the visitor’s perception of the space. You’ll need to keep the previous point in mind when you choose the colour scheme for your property. This means that you need to think of the message you want to convey. A formal wear store might use monochrome, silvers, greys, even blues for the design theme.

A bridal wear store might choose pastels colours like creams or beiges. A store for young boys might have a bolder palatte with blues, greens and reds, while a store for young girls would work with sunny yellows, oranges, pink or lilac. The idea is to find a colour scheme that plays to the overall tastes of your target group and complements your business as well.

Dual Purpose

A business owner is always looking for ways to save money. One way to do this in the design of your commercial space is to use dual purpose fixtures. These fixtures are essentially furniture or decor items that have a purpose and utility as well. The right interior designer would help you find items that fit in with the overall design of your commercial property but have a purpose too.


It’s a good idea to add little whimsical touches to your store to personalize it. If your store design has personality, it will remove some of the neutrality of business and help your visitors connect to you. Personal touches always give commercial property a warmer atmosphere that add appeal.

Investing in commercial interior design is worth the money spent. Start looking by browsing through the Hotfrog UK’s commercial interior design page if you want to hire a good business consultant. You’re sure to find someone that addresses your needs.