Outsourcing tips for small businesses

| November 2, 2015

Outsourcing tips for small businesses

Outsourcing has become easier and more cost effective than ever before, thanks to advancements in IT. There’s no longer any need to  hire permanent employees who could cost a fortune to retain.

But outsourcing is a tricky business if it is not handled well.

Use the following tips to successfully outsourcing your projects.

Hire new contractors with smaller projects

Never start with a big project when working with a new contractor. Assign them smaller tasks so that you will get a clear idea of their skills and punctuality.

Remember, it will take experimentation with a number of contractors before you are able to find the right professionals.Price is not the biggest factor

When it comes to hiring a contractor, low prices can be tempting. Avoid choosing the lowest or the highest bid. Look for an offer that strikes a balance between value, quality and price.The more experienced vendors out there are going to charge you more, but not sky high. They know it is as important for them to remain in business as for you to get affordable services.

Always be open to their ideas

Your projects will have set instructions to be followed. But experienced contractors have completed hundreds of similar projects. They will always have some inputs and ideas to share – that can help improve the output.

Give them the opportunity to share their ideas. Chances are that you could learn a lot of new and better things from them.

Experienced vendors are specialized in certain aspects of their tasks, and they will always have something to add to your projects. Many of these vendors are hesitant to sharing their knowledge because they don’t want to interfere with what you require.

Be clear about the copyright

This is something you cannot hold off or take for granted. Make sure that you negotiate all the copyright matters before assigning any task.

All the work produced during the project should become your property once you make the payment. It will be best to get the contractor to sign a written agreement.

When the projects involve web-based products or services, the source codes and the files should be transferred to your server.

Get References

Most importantly, don’t hire someone based on their presentation alone. Get references from others who have already used their services. Ask the service provider whom they have serviced in the past. Contact their previous clients and get their feedback.

Most of the new online marketplaces allow clients to post feedback on projects. Reading these reviews should help you learn a lot about whether the contractor is right for your job.