Why your business needs a mobile app

| November 3, 2015

Why your business needs a mobile app

Promoting your business online is more important than ever.  And mobile apps are the newest addition to the online business ecosystem.

In 2014 over 80% of internet users searched the web using a smart phone. Of those mobile users, the overwhelming preference is for apps, accounting for 89% of total time spent on mobile media. The mobile web only accounts for 11% of total browsing time.

And if that is not reason enough for your business to jump the mobile app bandwagon , the following are some more reasons why investing in a mobile app will benefit your business.

Mobile Apps help in streamlining operations

Traditional email and file sharing solutions are becoming obsolete.

Mobile apps and cloud solutions allow your employees and executives to connect through a central touch point and effectively streamline their operations. They can input records, track business activity, share key documents and communicate with their peers more efficiently and on the go.

Higher customer engagement

Apps can improve engagement, not only between your employees, but also with your customers.

With the wealth of unique information that mobile technology has made available, you can gain access to a world of real-time insights about your customers and engage with them accordingly. If your app user is shopping, send them notifications about relevant offers and events based on their location and profile.

Deliver impeccable customer support

There’s nothing better than having a happy customer, and great customer support is the starting point to get you there. Many businesses are now moving their customer support services to dedicated apps, to avoid exposing their customers to the frustration of long queues and waiting times.

Mobile apps let your customers connect directly to your support staff through live chat anywhere and anytime. Or even offer them all the tools required to address their issues on their own.

Rich data collection

You hear modern marketers say this all the time – “Data is King”. Mobile technology can help you collect valuable information about your customers and market. Create apps that can capture useful information, including cool nuggets of insight like user location, type of device used, browsing speed and browsing activities.

Your app can even be a powerful tool to collect information when the user is offline. This info can then be taken and used to deliver better user experience to your audience, while improving your chances of encouraging them to make a purchase.

If it is concerning you that it can cost a fortune to develop a mobile app, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  These days, with a maturing market, it is possible to create powerful apps at just a tiny fraction of what they used to cost. The key to succeeding with this strategy is to always keep innovating and delivering something better to your customers and prospects.