The Best Ways to Find a Good Carpenter

| November 6, 2015

The Best Ways to Find a Good Carpenter

Whether you run a shop or a small office, eventually, you’ll need to upgrade it or renovate it to preserve the decor or to make the office more comfortable for your employees. When you overhaul your entire property, you probably need to call a designer or someone similar to them. However, for the smaller jobs, basic repairs, etc, might need just a carpenter. You don’t need to spend money on a designer, just hire a professional that does that specific job. Here’s what you can do:

Determine that the job is for a carpenter

Try to decide whether the task is suitable for a carpenter or do you need a more specialized professional? For example, most carpenters would be able to handle making cubicles or offices, but if you want them to repair the roof, they might not be able to handle the task. So before you start looking for a carpenter, you need to decide what kind of carpenter you need.

Get References

Now that you know what kind of carpenter you might need for your project, it’s time to start looking for one. You can begin by getting references from your friends, colleagues, family, etc. If they have a personal experience with the carpenters, they might be able to give you sound recommendations. This would help you get the best possible carpenter for the job.

Look Online

If your acquaintances don’t have any recommendations, you need to hunt online. There are several websites a carpenter would advertise on. If you want a good quality carpenter, you need to be careful when you’re looking online. Don’t just pick a carpenter that has the highest number of positive reviews and be done with it. Instead, make a shortlist of best possible carpenters for the job. You need to look into their online reputation, take note of the negative reviews to know of their weaknesses and their strengths.


After you’ve shortlisted the candidates, start by asking them for quotes for your job. You need to ask them to explain the quote in detail. The carpenters would usually list the amount of services they offer and for what price. You can then compare the respective quotes to see who’s offering the best value for money.

Note, we said value for money, not the most affordable. Some carpenters will offer a very low quote, but exclude important services and charge extra for them. You can avoid this by studying the quote thoroughly.

Insurance and Accreditation

In many cases, carpentry can be a very risky job. It’s vital to ensure that you and your carpenter have the protection offered by insurance. Insurance will also cover can property damage the carpenter might accidentally do. You also need to check if the professional is accredited by a national organization. This would ensure that they offer good quality work and would observe high standards.

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