How to Earn the Loyalty of Your Employees

| February 25, 2016

How to Earn the Loyalty of Your Employees

Loyal employees are the best kind of employees. They are the people who’re proud to be associated with your company and your brand. They are invested in the success of your business and aren’t afraid to work extra hard to get things done. Such employees are a boon and will contribute greatly to the success of your company.

However, this loyalty doesn’t develop overnight and without encouragement. You need to spend time and effort into establishing a good relationship with your employees. There are several ways you can achieve this and some of them are explained below. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll be able to win your employee loyalty and commitment.

Establish Trust

Trust is a two-way street, especially in the workplace environment. You need to start trusting your employees if you want them to trust you. That means you should trust them to handle the job. If you keep checking on them, keep doubting their opinions, and disregarding their suggestions, you’ll never earn their loyalty. Instead of hovering over their shoulder like a helicopter parent, wait for them to come to you. That way, you can show them you trust their skills and their judgment. In turn, they’ll trust you and your judgement as well.

Encourage Employee Growth and Development

Employees today are constantly trying to reach new heights. They want to grow in their jobs and learn something new. You should encourage this and provide them with ample opportunities to grow. You can do that by assigning them leadership roles and pushing them to improve.  When you do this, your employees won’t feel like they’re languishing and not learning anything. They’ll know that they have your support and that would inspire loyalty.

Company Values and Goals

Modern employees, especially millennials are greatly concerned about the kind of company they work for. They would like to have a clear idea about your goals, your ethics, and your culture. It’s very important to clearly communicate these ideas and goals to your employees. If your company goals are worthwhile and inspiring, your employees would work hard to achieve them. This way, you’ll ensure that your employee recognises and connects with your brand. Goals will also unite your team and encourage teamwork.

Honest Communication

A leader that’s honest, open, and trusting will always inspire loyalty. If you communicate the cares and concerns of your business to your employees, openly discuss problems and ask for solutions, and listen to what your employees have to say, you’ll inspire loyalty. When you’re open with your employees, you show them that you consider them a vital part of your company and value their opinion. This would definitely inspire loyalty in your employees and they’ll be less likely to change jobs.

It would take just a little effort for you to develop a good relationship with your staff. Today, the divide between the boss and the employee has lessened. In the modern workplaces, the hierarchy is fluid and the camaraderie is strong. This leads to an excellent work culture and great employer-employee relationship.