6 Reasons Your Employees Will Love London

| February 17, 2021

6 Reasons Your Employees Will Love London

London, the capital city of the UK and ancestral home of the British Empire.

There’s a lot to love about London, and there’s a lot for your employees to love about working in London too! Here’s a look at some reasons why relocation to the capital might be a good idea for your business and your staff.

A Change Of Scene

 here are plenty of managed offices for rent in London, which means your business can move in almost immediately and begin to enjoy some of the benefits of being in this incredibly vibrant city, and part of the London way of life.

In some ways, London is it’s own microcosm in the middle of the UK, but in other ways it is quintessentially English, the perfect place for a young and diverse crowd of employees to make their mark on the world.

Here are six reasons why your employees will love London, both for working and living.


There is no city in the world that has such a rich historical back story as London. People flock from all over the world to see the Tower of London, the London Dungeons, to retrace the steps of Jack The Ripper, and to get a glimpse of Buckingham Palace in the hope of seeing The Queen.

London is a city full of history, and for a history fan, it’s an intoxicating mix of ancient, modern, and postmodern. Enough to keep them entertained for years.


It’s not just history that London has in abundance, but it’s sheer variety.

One day you could be visiting a museum, the next attending a theatre show in the West End. When it’s sunny you can head to St James’ Park and try to spot the spies. When it’s raining, dive into a little pub that sells beer from it’s own microbrewery. There’s so much to do.

Just like the London music scene, variety is the spice of life that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Great Transport Links

UK transport gets a bad reputation in most places, and it is true that if you live outside of London, transport will probably be one of your biggest grumbles.

Inside London, however, transport is rather amazing. You’re never much more than a stone’s throw away from a London Underground station, and if you want to stay above ground there’s usually a bus every few minutes.

Of course, the famous Black Cab drivers will be happy to share Their Knowledge with you too.

Culture and Diversity

London is a Mecca for anyone looking for a cultural experience. Take in Chinatown, visit the best curry house on Brick Lane, or step off the Tube into the alternative universe of Camden Lock.

London has everything and, unlike anywhere else in the world, everyone is welcome here. Most Londoners are not only respectful of other cultures, ethnicities, or religions, but they generally tend to keep themselves to themselves, so you won’t feel like you are standing out from the crowd no matter what you do.

Amazing Food

The UK isn’t particularly well known for its food, but in London that all changes. Go for a traditional pie and mash, or mix it up with food from practically any culture available right on your doorstep if you know where to look!