Benefits of Offering Paid Vacations to Your Employees

| June 10, 2015

Benefits of Offering Paid Vacations to Your Employees

Employers are always going to be reluctant to give away paid vacations, just as employees tend to be reluctant to ask for them.

The general belief is that allowing workers time off is going to put a lot of stress on the rest of team. But so will be the case if they engage in all work and no play.

You don’t want your employees to work continuously without taking a break. Studies show that around 37% of working men would rather choose a new job with lesser pay than continue with something that doesn’t give them any breaks. Many of your workers prefer a better work-life balance than higher pay.

Taking vacations is healthy – it allows your workers to de-stress and unwind. Studies show that those who didn’t go on vacations for 5 years were 30% at a higher risk to suffer from heart disease than those who took at least week off every year.

Vacations have been associated with higher creativity and higher energy levels. They also provide your workers with a fresher and new perspective. In fact, giving them time off can be beneficial for everyone. It can help boost your overall productivity too.

The workers who return more energized to their work are going to help create a better work environment for themselves and their coworkers.

Most companies will not offer paid vacations as part of the benefits package. As an employer, it is important for you to realize the importance of providing these benefits. Even if some do offer paid holidays and vacations, they are basic offerings and remain the same throughout without any changes.

These benefits give your employees an opportunity to spend time and relax with their family. Without paid vacations, they will continue spending all their years slogging through the work hours without getting any chance to spend better quality time with their family.

Offering them such benefits can also help them feel better and closer to your brand.

While it can seem to be a challenge to have a few workers off work for their vacations, with proper planning and coordination it is possible to create a smooth and seamless work schedule for everyone.

Use the following tips to plan your vacation policy:

  • Use seniority and/or achievements as a factor for offering vacations
  • Allow the time off in minimum increments
  • You may also create a plan where employees are allowed to take time off on a day by day basis

Most business owners and managers fail to realize the importance of paid vacations and holidays. If don’t want to implement a full-fledged benefits system for everyone, you can start by experimenting. Giving away paid vacations to top performers is a good place to start with.