Is the About Us Page on your Website Putting People Off?

| July 10, 2015

Is the About Us Page on your Website Putting People Off?

When potential customers come to your website, they’re first going to glance at your About Us page. Even if they’re there to shop for a particular product, they’re most likely going to visit the About page as well. If those pages are lackluster and contain just filler content, you’re not going to impress anyone.

There are some tricks that lead to stellar About Us pages which can endear your business to the client. These pages should be a lot more than just introductions.

Not understanding your audience

You need to understand who you’re addressing, that is the cardinal rule of any sort of content writing. For example, if you’re running a website that sells cosmetics, it’s highly likely that most of your clientele are women.

Now, without excluding the possibility that there might be men amongst your customers, you need to ensure your content connects with women easily. To get the right message to your audience, you need to understand who your audience is.

Dry and stoic tone

The intention behind the About Us page is to introduce yourself and your company. However, just a dry listing of dates and facts will quickly be ignored. You need to elaborate on the story of your company. The page needs to have a personal touch, it should show how the business came into existence, what idea give it impetus, what struggles you faced while developing it. You need to connect with your clients on a deeper level and leave a lasting impact on them.

Telling them instead of showing them

This is actually the worst mistake you can do while trying to convey a personal message. The idea is to bring your audience along with you on the journey that your business took. The intent is to show them how your product or service would help them or impact their lives.

You can’t really do that if you’re just listing that the product is useful or that your services are in great demand. One of the most common mistakes many small business owners make is to include a message that looks like it has been copied and pasted from hundreds of different websites out there.

Ignoring the importance of evidence

Having client testimonials on the About Us page emphasizes on your experience. Similarly, providing links to the list of projects you’ve worked on, and posting pictures or descriptions of your previous work is important. It shows that you’ve got experience and you’ve been trusted to provide quality products or services before.

By providing evidence of your experience and your expertise on your About Us page, you reinforce your competence in their mind and that cultivates trust.

Giving clients no way to contact you

It is vital to give visitors to your website clear access to the means of contacting you. You need to place CTAs on all pages on your website and have them displayed clearly. If clients have to go hunting for your contact information, they’ll likely not even bother. And finally, don’t make the About Us page all about you. While adding some personal touch is vital, you need to focus more on your business than on yourself.